Ep.50. The Guardian believes that Ebony is dead. She was lured to the jetty on a false errand, then a Chosen black vehicle advanced on her, forcing her to jump. No one saw her rise to the surface. The Chosen have taken over the Hotel, and her militia seem to be willing followers.
When Alice returned to the Hotel after bailing from the Mallrats' double wedding before the party began, she walked into a trap and was captured by the Chosen.
Ebony will not make that mistake. She knows the Chosen are in town and approaches the Hotel cautiously. She spots the Chosen guards before they can spot her.
Two hooded Chosen are on guard duty outside the Hotel entrance. Ebony will have to find another way in. The weather is very gloomy, and it's raining hard. Ebony knows of another way she can get in. But look on the bright side... the sun is shining from this angle, and it's not raining. Remarkable!