S4: Ep.12 Salene has breakfast with Ellie. They discuss the night's events and doubt that Pride was responsible for planting the bomb. Lex has surely arrested the wrong suspect. S4: Ep.12 Salene then takes Pride some breakfast.
S4: Ep.12 And then she goes to see Ebony to protest Pride's innocence. Ebony reluctantly agrees, but is unwilling to undermine Lex's authority.
S4: Ep.13 The Technos themselves catch Ellie when she tries to strangle Ebony in her bed. Sal talks to Pride when Lex arrives, somewhat embarassed, to release him. Once again Sal's face design is infilled with red instead of yellow.
S4: Ep.13 And once again when she goes back to the Café to put together some food for Ellie, the red in-fill is gone.