Season 2 Ep.5: Most likely as an excuse for not going to bed with Salene, Ryan decides to give himself a new look. This mainly consists of dark blue circular areas in his hair. He's doing this while, elsewhere in the Mall, Alice is half throttling Lex before abducting Tai-San.
Note: 1. The black verticle lines under his eyes (like Lex's) have gone.
Note: 2. He already has the Mallrat pentacle on his left hand, before Tai-San ever thought of it.
Lex raises the alarm, though too late to stop Alice taking Tai-San. Ryan's black lines are definitely back. Ryan and Salene go back to their room. Ryan is still livid about how Spike treated Salene and the girls when he bust into the Mall. Oh and look, he's got his new look back, blue patches of hair and no black eye lines.