S4: Ep.12 The walls of Ram's control room are "decorated" all around with layout diagrams of electronic circuit boards. They don't really mean much, but they're there just to look "Technical".
S4: Ep. 43 And here's Patch in Ep. 43 looking over the Mall's alarm system.
Here's the thing:
The two drawings, this one at the Mall, and the one at Techno HQ are one and the same.
So the Mall alarm system is based on Ram's Techno Technology?
The circuit - whatever it is - is very low tech. It's a real drawing of a real PCB (of something). Single-sided only, with wire links. Uses leaded components rather than surface mount. Even uses high wattage resistors and a zener for a "stabilized" rail. Uses 4000 series CMOS. Really quite "naff". Probably dates from mid to late 1970's.