S5: Ep.01 Far from being sent into a 1000-year virtual paradise as Ram has planned for himself (end of S4), Mega saw to it that he ended up on the City Dump. Only when Ram removes his custom-designed 3-D VR goggles (supplied by Mega, of course!) does he understand Mega's betrayal.
Pic 1
In a rage, Ram tries to get the mobility-vehicle moving, but it is stuck deep in mud.
Pic 2
We next see Ram surrounded by curious scavengers, cautiously moving around him as they sort through the trash. The ground is now dry and dusty. Most remarkable of all is that Ram's immediate surroundings are totally different.
Pic 3
New guy Slade happens to be passing when he spots someone in trouble - Ram - and stops. He takes him to Ruby's Saloon at Liberty. Looking back to Pic 1, where's the road?