Ep.36 Slade brings Ram a cup of Coffee
In a small side room at the Saloon, Ram, Ebony, Slade and Jay discuss forming an alliance to overthrow Mega. Jay and Slade get drinks at the bar: Jay a glass of wine for Ebony, and Slade, a cup of coffee for Ram.
We get a bird's eye view of the coffee. Yes, it's full, the spoon is on the left, and the handle is at one o'clock as seen by Slade. The camera angle changes as he passes it to Ram. The spoon is in the same position, but the handle is now at 5 or 6 o'clock, pointing toward slade. Ram doesn't get a chance to drink much, if any, he's too busy talking.

And while he's talking he just happens to tilt the cup so we can see it's half empty. Or is that half full?