Ep.37 Coffee and Cereal get drunk and eaten by invisible entities
As Lex comes to get breakfast, Gel starts coming on to him. He brusquely tells her to get him some coffee. He sits down with Jack who's looking rather pensive. Mega has charged him with creating a punishment system.
Lex   Looking for inspiration Jack?
Jack   What?
Lex   Shouldn't be too hard. Just look up torture chamber on the web!
Jack   You know, that's really not funny, Lex
Lex   You know, the thing that sickens me the most about inflicting pain is people like you, who figure out the best way to do it.
Jack   OK Lex, you actually don't know what you're talking about
Lex   You saying that Mega doesn't want you thinking up some wacky torture game?
Jack   No Lex. I'm saying that that's not the whole story
Gel comes back with a cup of coffee for Lex
Gel   Which whole story?
Jack   I'm going— [Jack makes to leave the table]
Lex   Hold on...what we talked about, that piece of software?
Jack   Look Lex, I've already told you, it's too risky right now
Lex   Face it, it's time you did something for the cause
Jack   Right, OK, I'll see what I can do
Jack leaves, and Gel sits in his place to talk to Lex
Gel   What have you got planned? Today, I mean?
Lex   Today, I move out
Gel   Where?
Lex   If you don't know, you can't tell
Gel   Take me with you
Lex   No can do, babe!
Gel   But, I'll miss you
Lex   If I had a nickel for every doll that told me that...

Goof: Jack starts with a full bowl of cereal. Gel puts a full cup of coffee on the table. While they are talking, Jack's spoon stays in the bowl, and Lex doesn't pause for even a sip of coffee. Yet when they leave the table, the bowl looks more-or-less empty, and coffee cup might be the same. The level has definitely gone down. So where did it go?