Ep.43 When Trudy discovered that Jay had been seeing Amber behind her back, she tried to leave the City with Brady. (Ep.42). She didn't get far. Mega's security system had been alerted that she was missing and she finds herself spending the night at the Hotel.
In the morning, just before breakfast, Mega watches Trudy and Brady on the monitor.
A Techno has just brought in a tray of breakfast, plus a Technobear for Brady. And notice anything different? In the far corner of the room?
Later in the day Mega sits down with Trudy. It's the first time ever that he's been known to share personal information about his past. Mega's stategy works. With her guard down, Trudy unwittingly gives away more than she should.
And would you look at that! The small table with the lamp that Mega saw on the monitor before breakfast are now in the corner again instead of the chair.