S4: Ep.47 Who Let the dogs out?  
Ebony and Jay are on the run, but out here in the country there are no surveillance cameras and they feel pretty safe. Ram, usually so reliant on technology, resorts to low-tech methods, and Ebony and Jay are in for a shock.
They are forced to think on the run - literally. A couple scarecrows in a field gives Jay an idea. They exchange clothes with the scarecrows after sloshing themselves all over with stinky mud.

The dogs stop at the scarecrows. For there the trail comes to an end.
Before long our two fugitives meet Amber and the Eco Tribe. While they rest up for a day or two, Amber arranges for some of her tribe to retrieve their clothes.
And while they are doing that, the same group of three Technos, with the same two dogs, are seen to approach the far side of the field at exactly the same place. So why? They've already come this way before and reported back to Ram they'd lost the trail. Surely they can't have forgotten already?