Ep.42 Slade and Ebony have returned to the City. Ebony is hell-bent on taking revenge on Mega...
Together they set the dynamite in place under the electric fence and twist the detonator wires together.
And there's an explosion! And a hole appears in the fence.
But all is not as it seems...
1 where's the dynamite gone? Eight sticks colored red. Shouldn't be too hard to spot just under the gate.
2 In slow motion, the fireball starts in three places, and none of them are on the ground
3 During the explosion, the gate doesn't move the least little bit - not a quiver!
4 I'd expect the frame of the gate to be at least a little bent out of shape. And I'd expect to see some kind of crater in the ground. We are talking eight sticks of explosive, aren't we?
5 Given that the high voltage wires run along the top, to prevent people climbing over, and that there's no danger from the gate or fence itself, what's to stop Ebony or anyone else pulling the "gate" open? It's not like it's chained to the next section. There's just an overlap. Doesn't look too hard.