Ep.22-23  Lex's Sombrero
Lex leaves Liberty and ventures back into the City. Because he is widely known as the one who killed Zoot, he must avoid being recognized by the neo-Zootists. Hence the disguise. But since the neo-Zootists are primarily a sisterhood, males are prone to be rounded up as slaves. And frankly Lex's outlandish appearance doesn't help. The assault begins with one girl. He barely escapes from her clutches. But as can be seen top-right, that sombrero was the first casualty, slipping from his head, and now lies at the bottom of the steps...
Lex is soon surrounded and restrained by the Zootists and carted off to he zoo to join the prisoners/slaves At the Zoo Lex lies low to avoid being recognized. Before long fellow prisoner Jago does recognize him. Jago was the proprietor of the Casino.
Goof: There is no chance Lex went back to retrieve the sombrero. It was left behind in the struggle. But behold! He's got it back at the zoo.