Ep.35 Ram invents a totally new component
With only Siva and Lottie as a none too attentive audience, Ram announces with pride the completion of the latest step in his grand project.
"Hah! That's my baby! I have just created a totally original component. Still got my touch!"
If this were a flux capacitor, or similar, I'd be impressed! No, actually I wouldn't, there's no such thing. (And power isn't measured in Jiggerwatts either). I'm even less impressed by this. What we see is a simple, basic numerical keypad. The numbers section from a PC keyboard maybe? With a few extra bits stuck on. Maybe there's some good stuff on the back? Nah. Zilch.
In Ep.47, May has brought news from the City that Mega intends to erase the memories from both Jay and Amber. Despite not being entirely ready, Ram is pressured into putting his system together in order to hack into Mega's system and counteract whatever it will do to Jay and Amber. Ram's "Orginal Component" is a vital element.
And here we see that it has grown another pcb underbeath plus a hard drive. But please note that what we have here is the internal platter assembly from a hard drive. There's no motor to make it spin, no heads, nothing. In real life it's all sealed in an ultra-clean enclosure. And the way the pcb is jammed between the two upper platters is a joke.
We soon see another side to it when Ram powers it up. Behold it wants to be a Christmas tree!
I pinched this graphic from
# A - Platter/s
# B - Read/Write Head/s (and slider)
# C - Actuator Arm/s
# D - Actuator
# E - Spindle