Season 1 Ep.27. These are the designs Amber and Tai-San have been using for a while before and up to the Tribal Gathering. Here, Amber disapproves of Tai-San ptactising her dance routine.
Ep.28-29. The Tribal Gathering. All those going to the Tribal gathering get a new design. That's Bray, Amber, Lex, Ryan, Jack, Tai-San, Zandra, Cloe and KC.
Ep.30 Next day after their return to the Mall, they've got their original designs back. We never see that green group of 3 squiggly lines ever again...EXCEPT...
Ep.32. ..... for 1 scene. The main topics of conversation generally (apart from this one) are Zandra's wedding and the food thief. Bray is also jealous over Sasha, and people are noticing that Sasha is keen on Amber. The Tribal gathering is well ih the past. But here Tai-San makes it like it just happened.
Tai-San: You know, I don't think the Tribal Gathering has been a complete failure
Amber: How come?
Tai-San: We came away with Sasha didn't we? Do you think he'll stay with us?... Oh come on Amber, you know you can't hide your feelings from me
Amber: I'm sure I don't know what you mean!
The scene starts at 3 min.46sec and lasts for 21 seconds.
My theory? I reckon this scene was meant to take place just after they all got back. But there was no indication then of anything between Sasha and Amber. It was too soon. So it was re-inserted later when Amber's latent feeling were pretty obvious. Unfortunately nothing could be done about the Tribal Gathering forehead design (on both girls).