Season 3 Ep.27: It's the day when Tai-San is to be ordained as the new Supreme Mother. Lex is on the loose with a crossbow intending to waste the Guardian. Bray is also in the City on the look out for Lex and planning to stop him. Ebony is also here, stalking Bray, and intending to stop Bray so that Lex can do his work.
But Bray has just outwitted Ebony and caught her following him.
Now follows a cutaway shot, or perhaps an establishment shot to show how the City is buzzing with Chosen Security Guards.
Then back to Bray and Ebony. Bray insists she go on in front so that he can see her at all times. He is right not to trust her story that she was merely watching his back.
But look at those robes. They are the Mk 1 version seen in early Season 2. They have obviously used repeat, or archived footage. They also did this at the end of S2.
In fact it is footage from S2:Ep.7 soon after the Chosen have arrived in the City for the first time. The triangular bee-suit type hoods were soon abandoned. I would have thought they were most impractical. I guess the idea was to hide the identities of the Guardian and his followers. But they would also severely restrict their vision.