S2 Episode 17/ 9 min 41 sec. Tai-San's supplies of the raw ingredients to make the Antidote are running low. She asks Ebony if some her militia might be able to help in plant collection. Ebony refuses, accusing Tai-San of "getting her sums wrong"
S2 Episode 17/ 13 min 12 sec. Tai-San brings Bray a herbal cure as an alternative to the "chemicals" that Danni has been applying to Bray's bruised back - injuries sustained in his all-out fight with Lex the night before.
S2 Episode 17/ 19 min 18 sec. Bray makes an announcement in the Café that he has appointed Ebony as co-Leader of the Tribe. The Mallrats grudgingly agree, a few disagree, including Tai-San who walks out before the vote.
S2 Episode 18/ 0 min 49 sec. Next day. Ebony, now co-Leader, reprimands Tai-San for leaving the Antidote lab. door wide open for anyone to walk in. Tai-San points out that the Antidote is free, so as far as she is concerned, anyone is welcome to help themselves.
S2 Episode 18/ 5 min 45 sec. Ebony goes to see Tai-San to appologize for being too hard on her. But as is usual with Ebony, she ends with a threat not to cross her.