Ep.52 It's a race against time. Mega's ultimate deterrent, Virus MKII, is about to blow, wiping out everyone remaining in the City. Amber needs to make a CityNet broadcast to tell everyone in the City to evacuate.
Amber   Jack—
Jack   How's the evacuation going?
Amber   Without CityNet it's hopeless
Jack   Well I think I might have got it working, it's on reduced power, but it's better than nothing
Amber   OK, I'll try that
CityNet on "reduced power"?
Goof #1: It's not a radio transmitter! It's a network of, computers talking to each other. 1's and 0's. What's the high power for?
Goof #2: mini-Zoot turned the power off. The Hotel is running on a generator. How are people going use their computers to watch CityNet when there's no power? Laptops? In the Casino they're all desktop machines.
Goof #3: mini-Zoot created a power surge; the same one as melted Gel's hair curlers. I'd have thought that any computers, and laptop chargers come to that, would have been fried, other than the hotel systems running on the generator.