S4: Ep.28 - Pride brings in a new guy, Patch, a computer expert, to enable the Mallrats to beat the Technos at their own game. Cloe has acquired a Techno passcard from Ved, that doubles up as a computer system access swipecard if you know the password - a bit like "chip-and-PIN." Tonight Cloe extracted the password after getting VED drunk! It's "Cloe". Patch nervously puts Cloe's card through the reader. It works. Next a screen asks for the password. Patch types in "Cloe". And that works too - he's in.
This whole scene is unbelievably contrived and flaky. For starters, the keyboard is a standard Apple USB keyboard. It does not have a card reader, and can't be fitted with one. As you can see, the USB mouse plugs into it at either side. Here's a pic of mine!

Goof #1 To make it look like there really is a card reader, a strip of "something" has been attached to the back edge of the keyboard. It's very crude, and there's no gap between it and the body of the keyboard.You'd expect a channel where you'd run the card through.
I tried increasing the brightness where you put the card in. No wonder Patch has difficulty swiping Cloe's card. The card itself has to force it's way in, creating its own gap, and bending the blue strip outwards. You can see the gap it is creating in the main picture.
At the far end of the "reader" you can see where the USB cable enters the keyboard. So when Patch got the "card" all the way to that point on his 2nd attempt, it wouldn't go any further, and Patch had to pull the "card" out vertically.
Goof #2 To make things even more difficult, you can see that the card itself is not a plastic card as we all know and love. It's paper that has been laminated. You can see the edge all round, and as Patch inserts it, the edge rucks up and gets stuck. This is as far as it would go on Patch's first attempt. He had to pull it out, turn the card round to find a firmer edge, and try again. It still got stuck somewhat but did make it all the way to the cable. - (see above).