S3.Ep.49: KC and Lex have a scam going whereby KC gives guided tours of the kidnap scene, then Sheriff Lex moves in to arrest (or fine) everyone. They share the proceeds afterwards. Lex's deputies are not in on the scam, so it's hardly surprising that Pride near throttles KC. Something Lex didn't allow for.
However, for the scam to work, something must first arouse the suspicions of Lex and his deputies, who just happen to be on patrol at the right place at the right time. And it's noise - a lot of it - like a bunch of vandals doing the place over - crockery smashing, thumps and bangs. Once inside the building they have no problem zoning in on the right door.
But hey! Where's all the noise coming from? KC is delivering a much embellished account of Amber and Trudy's ordeal - speaking in a normal voice - to a silent attentive audience.