Season 2 Ep.27: One of Spike's henchmen loops Ebony's handcuffs behind a metal bar before resecuring her right wrist. Note she has to turn her body away from the camera to enable her left arm to be on the left. (See enhanced close-up). Spike then tapes over her mouth. Note the braid stuck down under the tape
Enhanced close-up
of Ebony's arms and
wrists before the
Spike then closes and secures the heavy metal door. This is the last we see off her before she is plunged into lonely darkness. Spot the differences...
The tape no longer traps one of her braids, and it's much closer to her right nostril.
Her arms have swapped. Her right hand (without the shiny armband) is now on top and left of the metal bar, while her shiny left arm is below and to the right.
Because her arms have swapped, her body is now more towards the camera instead of sideways on.
And this is how Alice and Tai-San find her, still with her right hand above and left. The armband on her left arm might have slipped down out of sight.