Ep.6. Jack rummages through Gel's bag hoping to find something - anything - to trade. He finds a pack of batteries. Excellent! But Jack can't have those, Gel protests, they're for her hairdryer! Yep, she has a hairdryer.
Of course this might be Gel at her 'best', i.e. non tech-savvy. Scenario: she picked up a hairdryer plus some batteries, assuming (being a ditzy girl), they'd work. She hasn't tried it out yet.
But all hairdryers I've ever used (not that many) have a power cord hanging out the handle. They run off 240 volts (or 110 volts in the US). How's a six-pack of AA cells (total 9 volts) going to work? I did find a battery-powered hairdryer on the Internet...
It's rechargeable, 300 Watts (pathetic) and runs for 8 minutes on it's own rechargeable battery. Proper hairdryers are about 1500 Watts.
IF you could run a regular hairdryer off 6 AA 1000mAH rechargeable batteries (which you can't), they would last 30 seconds.
If those are just ordinary AA batteries, well... Do I make a point? And how do you slot them in?