Ep.44 Ram now has a copy of the core software that Jack stole from Mega and then brought to Liberty aided by Lex. Ram is now examining its features. When Jack drops in to see how he's doing, Ram has to admit that Mega is a genius...
Jack   Hey Ram, how's it going?
Ram   Yeah, it's going amazing, I mean this guy's a genius. He's almost as good as me!
Jack   Mega? Yeah, I know, I worked with him quite a bit.
Ram   Look, Jack, come and check this out..
Jack   Well, that's pretty neat
Ram   Neat? I mean it's terrific. Look at it!
Jack   Yeah - er - terrific. Hey, I've been thinking - you know I - I know Mega's stuff backwards, like the way he programs, and everything, and maybe I could be of help? I'd like to help.
Ram   Has someone asked you to keep an eye on me Jack...?
Goof: Ram has just invited Jack to take a look at Mega's software skills. If Ram is impressed it must be something special - the work of a genius, he said. And for our benefit the camera shows us what they are so wowed by. And do we see source code? A clever algorithm? No. Instead we see a 4-way split screen showing 4 webcams around the City. Ram's been looking at stuff like this ever since he came to Liberty.