S4: Ep.47 Jay and Ebony are on the run pursued by Technos with tracker dogs. Quite unexpectedly they run into Amber and Trudy out hunting with the Eco Tribe. Amber's left cheek design is roughly similar to when she left the City.
Amber invites Jay and Ebony back to camp to rest up for a day or two. On the way her face design slips a little - especially the green.
S4: Ep.48 Having a meal
S4: Ep.48 Talking to Jay. He has decided to return to the City. Ebony is furious when he tells her, and believes Amber is responsible.
S4: Ep.48 Talking to Trudy, confirming what she's heard about Jay returning to the City. And that Ebony blames Amber for his decision.
Same scene split across 2 episodes
S4: Ep.48 Early start the next day. Instead of seeing Jay and Ebony off, Amber announces her decision to go back to the City with them. S4: Ep.49 Continuation from Ep.48. Amber says good-bye to Trudy and Hawk.