S4: Ep.44 Ram's twisted plan for punishing Jay was to first get everyone in the City to hunt down a virtual Jay in cyberspace, then let him loose in the City. As the "color" wars have already shown, the Game players are already unable to distinguish the fantasy Game from reality. Ram's expectation proves correct. The "colors", in competition against each other, hunt Jay down in reality.
It was Pride who won the Game in cyberspace. The prize is a lifetime Games pass, but despite repeatedly showing his picture on CityNet, the winner has so far failed to come forward to claim his prize.
Patch thinks he recognizes him, despite the hood, and prints out a copy to show Salene.
Patch   He looks like Pride
Salene   What did you say?
Patch   Same build, moves the same way. You can't see his face for the hood—but—
Siva   What are you talking about? Who looks like Pride?
Patch   The guy who wasted Jay in Reality Space. I thought you might want to know
Salene   What are you trying to say Patch?.. that...that Pride's playing the Game again? THAT CAN'T BE, BECAUSE HE PROMISED ME!
Patch   No—no I'm not saying that. Just that he looks a bit like him. Look, you want to know don't you? I mean it's a sure thing that this guy's going to come after Jay for real. Look, I printed it out. It's a little blurry
Lex   What do you think, Sal?
Salene   It doesn't look a bit like him
In her heart Salene knows that it is Pride. She later searches his things and Lex helps her face the truth*.
The goof here is that the picture shown over CityNet leaves no room for doubt at all. The hood does NOT obscure his face, and it's not at all "blurry". The picture Patch shows Salene is not this picture. I guess the CityNet broadcast picture was set up by someone who hadn't read the script or seen the printout that Patch would show to Salene.
*This scene also has a Goof