S3: Ep.27. When the Guardian announces an amnesty (i.e. freedom) for a single individual to be nominated by the Mallrats, they go to great lengths to ensure it will be Ned. Why? Because he is so obnoxious to one and all they want to be rid of him. KC has a plan. The first to roll a pair of dice and get "7" or "11" wins his/her freedom.
Everyone rolls the dice in turn. No one gets the required "7" or "11". KC switches dice for a trick pair and Ned is first to roll. He scores "7"!!! and he's out of the Mall. OK, so he gets arrested for disorderly behavior and is brought back, but that's another story.
Everyone is so happy, except Ned's siblings Andy and Tally. They smell a rat and challenge KC. Andy picks KC's pocket and throws a "7". Tally also tries and scores a "7".

Ned throws a "7"

Andy also throws a "7"

And so does Tally - a "7"
That KC has a trick pair of dice is entirely possible, perhaps very likely. But trick dice either have the same number on all sides (so you'd need one with all-2s and one with all-5s as an example), or they are "loaded", or weighted, so that they tend to fall on one side. But these dice each know what the other one is doing, so they can add up to 7 or 11 but in a different way each time. Telepathically intelligent dice. Now there's a concept. In Eureka maybe, but not in Tribeworld.