S4: Ep.31 Ebony and Dee try to reason and calm a gathering mob, angry that the electricity has been turned off. They believe Ram's story that it was sabotaged by "activists", and they also believe Ebony knows who these are. Rocks are flying and Dee gets hit. Jay's men arrive in time and Dee is helped back to the Mall, where Salene cares for her.
Of course we don't expect real rocks to be thrown at actors. They probably used scrunched-up black paper or something equally harmless. But the "rock" that gave Dee the head injury missed her head, and bounced of her shoulder.
Once Salene is happy with her spongework, she makes Dee lie down to rest her head. Bad idea says Patch, the Mall's new wannabe medic. She needs to keep her circulation going.

BUT: WHAT was Salene cleaning/cooling/whatever? There's not a mark on her forehead, that supposedly happened to her. Come on, Makeup & Hair department! A bit of blood? A bruise maybe?