Season 2 Ep44. Bray spots Spike's body in Ebony's pool then hears a scream from her suite. When he gets there, Jack is face down on the floor, with Ebony threatening to break his arm. In fact she's just found proof that Jack has been bugging her - in the electronic sense. Bray can only assume Ebony was about to dispose of Jack in the same way she got rid of Spike. Danni's suspicions about her would seem to be confirmed.
When Ebony doesn't seem to understand Bray's references to Spike in the pool, he drags her outside to show her. She's genuinely shocked, but Bray is already convinced she is to blame.
Note that the wires holding her braids in place are in a totally different position.
And then they go inside again. This is now Ep.45, but the scene follows on from Ep. 44. The wire is a bit different again, her earrings are very different, there's more red glitter paint by the eyes, and more sparkly dots.
And then there's Jack...
Jack before they all go outside to the pool. After they all get back.