S4: Ep.24 Mouse amuses herself repeating rythmically "The skunk in the cup" whilst jumping up and down on her bed. In her hands are a cup and a skunk. (Only the cup is real, obviously). Salene, looking a little flustered, comes in to hurry her along for breakfast. Her voice is only about a notch below shouting at her.
I thought you were supposed to be having breakfast?........EXCUSE ME!..... Why don't you turn off that racket, get off that bed, and come and have some breakfast. Then maybe afterwards a little light washing up?
The goof here is that, presumably, the scriptwiter intended there should be loud music - just like Cloe has in her room. In reality, there's no "racket" to turn off. Presumably is was supposed to be added in at the edit stage, but never was.