S5: Ep.14 Java adds a sleeping draught to Ebony's bedtime drink and she's soon away with the fairies. Java then brings in one of the Paradise headsets taken from Lex's stash and places it on Ebony's head. The purpose is to max her brain out with Zoot messages created by Mega and herself. But there's still the question of where does the headset plug in?
The headsets all have a cable attached, which plugs into a computer that runs the software. You can see the cable (just) in the top-left pic. But there's no computer in sight and Java simply ignores the cable, letting it hang loose. So no power and no software driving it. If the LEDs on it flash occasionally, that'll be a battery in the headset, and a simple circuit, just to make it "look" like it's doing something on its own.
While Ebony sleeps, Java is at Techno HQ typing in code to control Ebony's dreamscape. Then in the morning before Ebony wakes, she returns to ZootSister base and carefully removes Ebony's headset and hides it.
So HOW does Java's progamming get all the way to Ebony's headset when it isn't even plugged in to anything?