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Tai-San Rescues Cloe
In Ep.14-15 Cloe gets lost in the woods in her efforts to protect her calf Bluebell from Lex. Mercifully she meets Tai-San, who not only saves her from marauding Locos (searching for their missing leader Zoot), but also shows her how to listen to her heart, to find her way back home. Along the way Tai-San binds up Cloe's sprained ankle, applying herbs to reduce the swelling.
Cloe introduces Tai-San to her friends at the Mall. Everyone welcomes her, except Lex who regards her as a threat.
They are both taken to the Café for a hot meal. Lex continues to be hostile. Amber reminds him that Tai-San is their guest, and he ought to show her some manners.
When Tai-San asks the name of their tribe, Lex suggests they be called "The Rats." Tai-San calls a circle. Trudy looks down from the balcony and wants to be part of it. The name "Mallrats" is generally agreed. Tai-San continues, "As of this day, all those who join hands are bound together as one - brothers and sisters to the end."
Tai-San recommends Marriage - Ep.16
In Ep.16 Zandra's candlelit dinner for two turns sour when Lex tries to rape her. She shares her ordeal with the other girls. Amber wants to see Lex punished, but Tai-San believes that marriage is the answer, and offers to perform the ceremony.
Zandra goes back to Lex, and gets an apology. His immediate reaction to the marriage idea is a definite 'no'. But when Ryan points out that Tai-San's ceremony wouldn't be legally binding, he reconsiders.
Meanwhile at the railyard, Ebony has captured Bray, interrogating him about the disappearance of Zoot. She's sure he knows something, maybe even holding him captive somewhere?
Amber is not sure that Zandra is mature enough to get married. She finds Tai-San in the Antiques shop looking for something special, for Zandra's special day. Amber suggests (a little unkindly) it will rather be Tai-San's special day, and that she is messing with people's lives. Tai-San is certain of one thing, it's what they want, and will be good for the tribe. She also hints that Amber has already made her own choice, but won't admit it. [She means Bray]
Zandra is nervous about one thing, the wedding night. She has never been all the way before and needs some advice. Trudy refuses to comment. Tai-San bestows a few words of wisdom: "It is one of life's pleasures, but you've got to stay in control. Don't let the man treat you like an object - or a slave: that's very important. And don't take risks. If the guy doesn't have protection, say No. And anyway, you don't want to end up with a baby, do you? - like poor Trudy."
In the meantime at the railyard, while Bray is still blindfolded, someone cuts his bonds. But when he looks around, there's no one. Without asking questions, Bray heads back to the Mall, followed unseen by Ebony.
Bray gets back just as the wedding ceremony is starting. Tai-San calls Zandra to come down to her husband.
Suddenly Zandra screams. Ebony has followed Bray into the Mall. The wedding will have to wait for another day.
Ebony is caught and put in the cage. The Mallrats can't let her go lest she return with the Locos. A few, like Zandra, suggest execution. Tai-San regards all life as sacred, and believes they must keep her until they 'know' what to do.
Amber draws up a roster - Ebony must be guarded 24/7. Lex enjoys guarding Ebony, watching her move - watching her. She entices him inside the cage; kissing is just the beginning... Then she escapes, leaving Lex locked in the cage.
Bob/Amber raise the alarm. Ebony has gone, and will surely return with the Locos. Zandra is more concerned what Lex was doing with Ebony.
The Mallrats prepare for attack by the Locos. Unknown to everyone, Bray finds Ebony at the railyard and makes a deal. He tells her the truth about Zoot's death, and gives her the Talisman that he always wore. It will give her immense standing among the Locos. In return she agrees to leave the Mall alone.
Lex & Tai-San - Ep.20-26
Tai-San finds Lex in the Service Area working out on a punch-bag, and demonstrates her own skill for his approval. She, however, also guesses that Lex is working out his frustration - that the punchbag is a sex substitute.
That night, as Lex is about to sleep, Tai-San slips into bed with him. She believes she is doing what's right, to help Lex be free from negative energy, and therefore "for the good of the tribe." Ryan meanwhile is on guard duty in the sewers. In the morning as he heads back to the Boutique (the room he shares with Lex), Tai-San waves to him as she walks away. The cheery Good morning from Lex can leave Ryan in no doubt.
At breakfast Zandra sits with Lex. Trudy has taken an overdose of sleeping pills during the night and Amber has laid the blame squarely on Bray. Lex of course agrees. Zandra turns every word Lex says against him.
Lex   That Bray had it coming to him. He can't treat a girl like that
Tai-San   Like what, Lex?
Lex   You know....messing her about and all that
Zandra   You mean like going with other women?
Lex   Well, yeah
Zandra   Of course you'd never do a thing like that would you Lex?
Lex   I mean there's the kid and all
Zandra   It's not his kid
Lex   Well no but....
Zandra   And he'd never asked her to marry him had he?
Lex   Well, no
Zandra   What do you think Tai-San? What do you think of a man who's promised one girl, turned out to have had it off with someone else?
Tai-San   I think people worry too much, right, Lex?
Lex   Yeah.... yeah...right...that's right
Zandra   Listen to who's talking
Lex   You're the one that made such a thing of it. Look, if you hadn't been so uptight
Zandra   You wouldn't have wanted to marry me, if you ever really did
Lex   Maybe I've changed my mind. Maybe I don't need to any more
Zandra   No? its the only way you're going to get what you want
Lex   Says who?
Zandra   Says me. I mean...Look at you. Who'd have you?
Zandra is of course referring to Lex and Ebony in the cage. She has NO IDEA that Lex slept with Tai-San last night.
Tonight is Lex's turn for guard-duty, but he really wants to sleep with Tai-San again. Without explaining why, Lex asks Ryan to spend another night in the sewers.
Tai-San is not so obliging. Sex last night doesn't mean sex tonight, and will let him know when she's ready again. She resumes her meditation.
The following morning Lex declines Zandra's invitation to breakfast, lying that he must check the water supply. She presently finds him with Tai-San and drags him away. At breakfast Zandra gets into conversation with Salene. When she looks round... Lex has vanished!
Back at the Pharmacy, Lex watches Tai-San exercising martial arts. In his mind, her words about Karma, or harmony, translate to sex. While her back is turned he grabs her. In one deft move, Tai-San demonstrates her skill with a staff.
Here's a nice pic. of Tai-San looking down from the Pharmacy to the Market Stall area below. (Taken from Ep.22).
The following morning at dawn, Trudy leaves the Mall with Dal. Seeing them emerge from the sewers, KC goes in the way they came out.
Sensing bad vibes, Tai-San orders a rearrangement of the Café furniture, in accordance with Feng-shui. Meanwhile Lex discovers an intruder stealing from his room, and frog-marches him upstairs to the Café. Tai-San believes he must be the source of the bad vibes. And despite finding all manner of stolen personal items in his bag, KC is voted in as a member of the tribe.
At the end of Ep.23 Tai-San once again slips into bed with Lex. "Hallelujah". It's what he's been longing for since the first time. In the morning, Tai-San meditates! Lex wants her back in bed, and becomes angry that she doesn't want to. She observes that when Lex doesn't get his way he behaves like a "cross little boy - most unattractive!"
Jealousy, Jealousy, Jealousy
Zandra has started to notice just how much time Lex spends with Tai-San and isn't so sure they are just pretending any more. Maybe Zandra should do something about it?
Lex notices that Ryan has been getting friendly and flirting with Zandra and warns him off.
Lex continues to hang round Tai-San, now helping her to clean the Mall floor. This really bugs Zandra, and although she writes it off as "pathetic", she decides to play her own jealousy game and knows "just the person" - i.e. Ryan.
Ryan gladly accepts Zandra's offer of a makeover cum scalp massage. But why does she choose the entrance to the Café at the top of the stairs where everyone will see her? Lex is not amused.
Lex's final gift to Tai-San for the day is a can of creamed rice. Now comes the bottom line, he wants to sleep with her again tonight. Tai-San sees through his kindness and generosity as a ploy for getting sex. It's no deal, and she hands back the rice.
Lex storms off back to his room in a foul mood, passing Zandra on the way. He totally ignores her.
Ryan at last summons courage to go tell Zandra how he feels about her, but he can't get a word in. Zandra talks nonstop about Lex and asks Ryan to let him know she still loves him.
Ep.25. Lex hasn't totally given up with Tai-San. Maybe he could get on her wavelength by learning to meditate? Tai-San remembers that he used to call her "Space cadet".
Tai-San is willing to teach Lex, but there's one important rule he should know: spiritual teachers never get it on with their students.
Meanwhile, Trudy has returned to the Mall, but without Dal.
Now that Tai-San has firmly closed the door on Lex, his only option is to get back with Zandra. Turning on the charm - flattery, humor, a little honesty about what happened with Ebony - he begins to win her over.
Later in the day Zandra finds some perfume waiting for her. It's her favorite. Lex comes out of hiding from the Leather store and, what do you know - they're back together again.
Zandra finds out - Ep.25
Zandra sits down in the Café and gets chatting to Tai-San about men. She admits she was becoming really jealous, and even thought there might have been something going on between her and Lex. Tai-San is amazed she should have thought that, and explains they only slept together twice as an aura balancing exercise.
It takes a few seconds for the words to sink in. Then Zandra stands up and goes for her. Tai-San is well able to defend herself, and it takes Amber to come in and call for order.
Tai-San explains there was a simple misunderstanding - that she and Zandra come from different places. Zandra agrees: Tai-San "comes from the gutter."
Amber is concerned that Zandra is off her food. Zandra sounds off about the rat (Lex) and the witch (Tai-San) and Amber soon has a complete picture.
Amber confronts Tai-San re. the damage she has done to Zandra's relationship with Lex. Tai-San claims the New Morality equates to freedom to do anything, and if Zandra got hurt, it's her problem.
Ryan tracks Lex down in the sewers (lying low to avoid Zandra), and orders him to face Zandra.

After all the accusations and excuses, Zandra agrees to take Lex back on one condition...

Zandra escorts Lex toward Tai-San's room. Rather reluctantly he dumps her to her face, with Zandra as witness. Zandra is quite proud of him, "You see, you could do it."
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