Lex, you love him or you hate him. The girls all seem to adore him. Alice called him 'Sexy Lexy'. For all of that, Amber aptly called him a 'Moronic thug', though as the show progresses through the Seasons, 1 to 5, Lex gets mellower, either a result of getting older and wiser, having to live within a democratic tribe, the civilizing influence of his many girlfriends and wives, or all three.
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Finding the Mall - Ep.1-2
We first meet Lex as he waits in a derelict rail carriage with his three companions (Ryan, Glen and Zandra) for Zoot. It seems he has arranged to meet with the feared leader of the Locos (Locusts) with a view to joining his tribe. We immediately get the impression that there is an intense distrust-rivalry between Lex and Glen, and that one reason for it is Zandra. They both want her.

Zoot arrives (with Ebony, his woman, at his side). The negotiations don't go well at all and Lex gives the order to run. With the Locos hard on their heels, Lex sees an opportunity to get rid of his rival, Glen. While scaling a wall, Lex deliberately kicks down some wooden crates behind him, making it impossible for Glen to follow him over. Lex is pleased with what can only be described as betrayal, but Zandra is distraught.

By chance Lex encounters Amber's group in a child's play area. He demands what little food they have. While Amber questions Lex's rite to make such a demand, the Locos arrive, still in intent on getting him. Then the Demon Dogz arrive and a fight between the two rival tribes ensues. Amber's group escape, and by chance find the Mall. Lex's group sit the fight out under cover.

Lex is about to go back to his own sector 12 when he spots Cloe's teddy. He tracks Amber's group to the Mall but his renewed threats are thwarted when Jack (unseen at present) lowers the grille in front of and behind them. They are trapped.

Despite issuing threats and ultimatums, Lex and his companions have no choice but to spend their first night behind the grille. Thankfully there's a couch to sleep on, but Lex commandeers that for himself, leaving Ryan and Zandra to sleep on the floor.

The following day, when it seems the Mall is under further threat from person or persons unknown. Amber allows Lex out, on the condition he agrees to her terms, of being part of the group, contributing as best he can for the survival of everyone.

The intruder turns out to be Bray, and despite Lex's bravado and self-proclaimed expertise in protecting people, Bray outwits him and sneaks into the Mall while Lex and Ryan are on a wild goose chase.

From day 1 Lex hates Bray, and Bray distrusts Lex. When Bray brings Trudy to the Mall, Lex campaigns to have her thrown out, her and the baby.



Lex v Zoot - Ep.8
Once Lex, Ryan and Zandra have joined the fledgling tribe, Zandra sleeps in the furniture store with the other girls and younger kids. Lex and Ryan take up residence in the boutique. Actually there's definite evidence that they occupy the boarded-up Jewelry store at first, for in episode 8 when Bray brings Zoot to see Trudy, he checks the Jewelry store to see that Lex and Ryan are asleep.
Lex has brought the red couch from the grille area for himself, leaving Ryan to sleep on the floor with nothing more than a blanket or quilt.
While Bray takes Trudy to meet Zoot, Paul senses an intruder and wakes Patsy. Together they head for the Jewelry store to wake Lex. He and Ryan find Bray and Trudy with Zoot, just outside the sewer door. Without asking any questions, Lex and Ryan attack both Bray and Zoot. Zoot escapes up the stairs. Lex and Ryan follow in pursuit. Bray follows to try and stop them. Zoot dies, falling over the balcony, when he defends his brother Bray against Lex.
Lex as Leader, then Head of Security - Ep.11/14
In episode 9, Lex and Ryan are most definitely ensconced in the boutique, and that red couch has been equipped with some covers and cushions. Ryan, however, is still sleeping on the floor. At the end of episode 10 Lex wins the election to become leader, and makes the Supperette his HQ, with a nice desk for his feet and a tray for papers that he can't read.
No sooner has Lex won the election (against Amber) than he faces his first big test as leader. Ryan has discovered Jack's food stash, and by the rules of the Tribe, if found guilty, Jack is likely to be thrown out. That's what Ryan and Zandra want. Amber recognizes Jack's importance to the Tribe and calls for severe punishment, but not to be thrown out.
Lex promises to get Jack off with just a few extra chores. Jack, however, demands complete acquittal, and threatens to tell everyone about Lex's water stash. Lex knows this is blackmail but can do nothing about it. He must get Jack found 'not guilty'. By fair means and foul, he succeeds.
Lex's people skills are abysmal. He soon learns that bullying everyone only makes people rebel against him. In the end it is not only the girls who are on strike, but the boys have begun to cooperate once more with the girls. Even Ryan supplies the girls with water, then sits at their table to share a meal.
In fact the only person who doesn't eat with the girls is Lex. Amber offers him a way out, and at the end of episode 13 the leadership is split 3 ways, with Lex becoming Head of Security.
As Head of Security, Lex conducts "Operation Stupid Kid" when Cloe goes missing, following the debacle over her pet calf Bluebell. Lex had wanted to kill her for food, but couldn't do the deed. Neither could Ryan or Jack. As a cover story, Lex drove Bluebell toward the woods, then returned to the Mall in fake agony, claiming he was attacked by Locos who wanted the calf for themselves. The problem for Lex was that Cloe later found Bluebell safe and unharmed. He watched her! So when she didn't come back from the woods, Lex was in no hurry to find her, fearing she would blow his stupid story about the Locos, and make him not a hero, but a jerk.
Consequently, when Bray sets off to search the woods, Lex orders him instead to search the City. Lex knows Cloe won't be there just as well as Bray, but he values his own reputation more than Cloe's safety. Fortunately for Cloe, she meets Tai-San who brings her home safely. Lex is negative toward Tai-San, and in vain tries to stop Cloe telling her story.
Lex and Zandra and Ebony - Ep.16-18
In episode 16 Zandra invites Lex to a romantic candlelit dinner-for-two in her room, the Lingerie store. Things go well, too well, and Lex gets carried away and tries to rape her. Her screams bring Ryan to her rescue, and he pulls Lex away.
Zandra shares her ordeal with the other girls in Amber's room. Tai-San thinks the only permanent solution is that Lex and Zandra be married, and offers to perform the ceremony herself. Zandra puts the idea to Lex. After due consideration (and being advised by Ryan that Tai-San's ceremony wouldn't be a proper, legally binding wedding) he accepts!
When Bray gets back to the Mall at the end of episode 17, he is just in time for Zandra's wedding. He has in fact been held captive by Ebony, and despite all his precautions she has followed him back and climbs down the sewer ladder. Her sudden appearance in the Mall causes panic and confusion. Zandra screams hysterically, and the wedding is called off.
Looking after prisoner Ebony is a welcome distraction for Lex, and an excellent excuse to look busy. Too busy to talk to Zandra about rescheduling the wedding. Zandra retreats to her room in tears. What's more, Lex is attracted to the wily Queen of the Locos and puts himself on extra guard duty, beyond Amber's roster, just so he can watch (ogle) her.
Ebony has all the people skills Lex doesn't. She soon assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each one guarding her. She is also highly manipulative. She nearly succeeds in making Ryan unlock the cage. Lex stops him, but falls under her spell himself. His weakness is lust.
Having had his way with her she locks him in the cage and escapes the Mall. Woken by Bob's barking, Amber finds Lex in the cage and raises the alarm, but Ebony has gone. This looks very bad for Lex, both as Chief of Security and as Zandra's husband-to-be. How did he allow the prisoner to escape, and what was he doing in the cage?
The Mallrats face the real possibility that Ebony will return with the Locos to trash the Mall and take everyone prisoner. To redeem himself Lex goes into overdrive, overseeing setting booby traps, alarm systems, communications.
Meanwhile Bray has a better idea. He makes a deal with Ebony that guarantees she will leave the Mallrats alone. When he gets back, Lex follows his Security role to the max and has Bray arrested for questioning. Everyone else gratefully accepts Bray's assurance that Ebony will leave the Mallrats alone but Lex becomes accusing and personally abusive. Even Zandra tells Lex to shut up, and instead of re-establishing his authority and respect, he loses credibility by the minute. Bray goes to see Trudy, and Ryan makes no attempt to keep him 'under arrest'.


Lex and Tai-San - Ep.20-26
By now Lex has found a proper bed, and Ryan gets the couch. Then one night while Ryan is on guard duty in the sewers...
However hard Lex tries, Zandra refuses to sleep with him unless and until they are married. She still wants to know what happened with Ebony. Sensing his frustration, Tai-San comes to his bed one night and sleeps with him. She regards it as an Aura balancing exercise, to align his chakras, and therefore to be done for the good of the tribe. Lex has such a good time he arranges for Ryan to do guard duty again the following night. But he soon learns that Tai-San isn't available just when he wants. Lex pays Tai-San much attention, even becomes interested in her oriental philosophy, but the bottom line is he wants sex.
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