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Arrival at the Mall - Ep.22-23

When Trudy leaves the Mall with Dal at the end of episode 22, KC happens to be lurking in shrubbery near the sewer exit. Being an opportunist, he sneaks in the way they came out, and rests up in the sewers for a while before venturing further.
For a while he thieves at will, taking peoples' belongings without drawing any suspicion or attention.
It is Lex who catches him red-handed. He frog-marches KC up the stairs to the Café. There his bag is turned out and people suggest punishments. KC's excuse is he's so hungry he needed stuff to trade for food. Jack is all for cutting KC's hand off. Surprisingly Lex invites KC to join the tribe and most of the Mallrats half-heartedly vote him in.
KC sleeps in the same room with Salene and the girls. This pic from Ep.30 shows Bray reading 'the kids' a bedtime story. KC is still considered as 'a kid' in Season 2 when Trudy gives him a bath!

However, later in this season, when Lex moves in with Zandra, KC will take his place, sharing the Boutique with Ryan.
Having backed KC's joining the Mallrats, Lex continues to look after him, protecting him and seeing he's all right. At breakfast Amber is shocked to see that Lex has approved giving him double rations. She invites him to join her reading class, but KC has other ideas, he wants to help Jack with the wind turbine project.
KC turns up outside Jack's workshop, willing and able to help with the wind project. Jack isn't in a good mood because (though he won't admit it) progress is slow and uncertain without Dal's practical skills. Jack certainly doesn't need 'help' from someone he regards as a thief. KC spins out a hard-luck story, about his deprived childhood, and Jack takes pity on him. But when Jack breaks a drill bit he blames KC and uses that as reason to get rid of him!
KC is still a thief. Having profusely apologized for stealing Jack's Gameboy while sneaking round the Mall, he takes it again without asking.
Taking Jack's Gameboy (again) is fairly well-intentioned. Lex is feeling very low right now. He's not on speaking terms with Zandra, and Tai-San has just refused to sleep with him any more. Though he's not really in the mood for games, KC's cheerful face lifts him out of a dark mood.

Jack's Gameboy comes in handy again when KC makes friends with the girls. They were getting bored playing Hide-and-seek anyway. "Giant Ant Attack" is his favorite.
KC finds Patsy at Uncle Harry's. It reminds her of ice cream and other good things she used to enjoy before the Virus. KC acts out a little make-believe, ordering her favorite and handing it to her. She thinks he's nuts, but it makes her happy. It's also an insight into KC's inventive imagination.
KC teams up with Jack - Ep.27
KC wanders into the workshop again and guesses Jack is having a hard time with the wind project. Spotting an alternator on the counter KC recognizes it as a good model - he should know - he used to steal them to trade! Jack sees light in the darkness - maybe KC can help instal it on the windmill?
Before they can test it properly, the wind blows the entire contraption over. They will have to redesign it.

What they don't know is that Lex has cut some copper wire from the alternator to make a 'ring' for Zandra.
In Ep.28 it's time to go to the Tribal Gathering. Only Trudy, Salene and Patsy will stay behind to look after Brady.
The Mallrats are taking Jack's wind turbine to the Gathering. Electrical power for charging batteries is all they have to trade.
Jack assures Bray that any problems with the wind turbine are minor. Nothing he can't fix.
The Tribal Gathering - Ep.28-29
Despite being told to stick with his friends, KC takes a look around the market. Meanwhile Lex is trying to find him when he gets beaten up by Glen.

KC recognizes Dal - he watched him leave the Mall with Trudy in Ep.22. But Dal is now a slave. KC races back to tell Amber.
Things go from bad to worse. KC and Jack discover why the alternator isn't working, the missing copper is on Zandra's finger. Glen smashes the wind turbine to bits. Amber loses a wager with Ebony to get Dal back and becomes a slave herself. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Lex starts a riot while Ryan frees Amber, Dal and Sasha. They are lucky to get out and return to the Mall.
Back at the Mall the Mallrats discuss the day's events, Lex's selfishness for stealing the copper wire, and the prospect of Ebony wanting revenge against the Mallrats for starting a riot.

Patsy suddenly notices that KC is missing. Then in he walks! It seems he stayed behind to grab some booty!
Everyone likes Sasha (except Bray of course), and enjoys being part of whatever he is doing. He forms the kids into a cheerleader type band, chanting songs about the Brave Mallrats!
Dal looks forward to working with Jack again. How about Wind Turbine MKII? It would have a stronger base and a lighter barrel.
Jack and Dal carry a couple of batteries found on the street back to the Mall. Dal is quite impressed that Jack was able to complete the original wind turbine project on his own. It would have worked if Lex hadn't stolen the wire.
As they approach the workshop, KC has already cut the new plastic barrel in half and has started the rest of it working from Dal's drawing. Dal now knows that Jack isn't so practical after all.
And when they test it out on the roof it works first time. Now the Mallrats have electricity. Now they can charge up all those dead batteries off the street. Now they can trade charged batteries for things they really need, like food.
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