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Patsy is perhaps the youngest Mallrat in Season 1. The actress herself - Sarah Major - was ten years old. Her deaf brother Paul is played by deaf actor Zachary Best. Her dog, Bob is/was in fact Ray Thomson's own dog, Bob. Paul leaves the show early in Season 1 in unexplained circumstances. Bob is poisoned in Season 2. Patsy herself is discovered by the Chosen to be a spy in Season 3. There are many indications that she was executed.
Finding the Mall
Near the Mall is a play area where Salene (an older kid) informally supervises younger kids Paul, Patsy (brother & sister) and Cloe plus Patsy's dog Bob. Cloe is apt to go walkabout, oblivious to the dangers of marauding Locos and Demon Dogz, rival tribes in a city that has become a war zone.
Amber and Dal are on their way out of the City when they spot Cloe and rescue her from certain pickup by the Locos. Cloe introduces Amber and Dal to her friends back at the play-area.
Salene has no plans, where to stay or how to survive. She tells Amber she was letting the kids play one last time before.... We can only guess what she meant.
Amber and Salene discuss survival - a place to stay - when trouble arrives in the form of Lex and his friends, demanding food. Then the Locos arrive and then the Demon Dogz ready for a fight. Amber, Salene, and their group escape and find the Mall first. Lex and his friends soon follow, still demanding their food, but Jack, the Mall's unseen resident, drops the grille, trapping Lex behind it until they can decide what to do about him.
I know what that is, that's a baby
Sleeping Together
Jack introduces himself and shows everyone round the Mall, and most importantly the furniture/ Bedding store. This is where everyone will sleep, at least for the first night, though Jack himself sleeps in the electrical store (his workshop). On the second day Lex, Ryan and Zandra are allowed to join the tribe, and Bray introduces himself. The following day Bray brings Trudy. Little Patsy knows why Trudy's belly is swollen "I know what that is, that's a baby!". It's not long before many decide to move out from the Furniture store to find privacy in their own rooms. Salene alone will choose to stay with Cloe and Patsy, until she eventually moves in with Ryan.
Food is scarce, and with Trudy now on-board, Salene explains to Patsy and Paul why they must learn to expect less food.
Another thing that Paul and Patsy soon learn is that Lex is an insufferable bully. They were kicking a ball to each other by the grille when Lex takes exception to their noise. He shouts into Paul's face "Read my lips, SHUT UP - you got it?"
Paul and Patsy soon discover that Jack supplements his rations from a secret food stash in the Service Area. To prevent them from telling Lex about it, Jack has no choice but to share it whenever they are hungry.
Lex keeps the pressure on Amber to have Trudy thrown out, reasoning that she will be an intolerable burden. Amber calls a vote. Patsy votes with the girls (including Zandra) for Trudy to stay. The result is even, so Amber must cast the deciding vote. She says 'No.' It's too risky.
Everything changes when Trudy goes into labor. Only Lex continues to campaign for the vote to be upheld. After hours of labor Trudy gives birth to a girl. Paul and Patsy find the idea of Trudy breast feeding quite hilarious.
In Ep.5 Paul & Patsy pick the lock on Jack's food store and help themselves. Bingeing themselves stupid, they throw up, making a mess in the Furniture store. It's Cloe who tells Amber. The immediate thought is they might have the Virus, until Dal finds all the junk food wrappers. Zandra decides to move out, away from the mess. She chooses the Lingerie store.
Jack of course discovers his food store looted, and the doors carelessly left open. This must not happen again.
Next time when Paul and Patsy feel hungry they find that Jack has upgraded to an electronic lock. Not even Paul can crack this one! Jack has been hiding, waiting to enjoy the moment!
Zoot's Death - Ep.8
Lex makes life so difficult for Trudy that she agrees to a secret meeting with Zoot, arranged by Bray. It turns out that Zoot is the baby's father, not Bray as everyone at the Mall assumes. Bray hopes to persuade Zoot to give up his warrior lifestyle as leader of the Locos, to become a responsible father and look after Trudy and his baby.
Paul senses an intruder in the sewers (just as he once did with Bray). He and Patsy wake Lex, who then investigates with Ryan. Bray tries to explain the situation, that Zoot is alone and unarmed, come to see his daughter, but Lex now considers Bray as a traitor and Zoot as an unconditional enemy. There's a fight on the balcony where Zoot falls to his death.
Paul & Patsy play poker - Ep.9
After Salene discovers rats in the Café, Amber tries to introduce a chores roster, whereby everyone must contribute to keeping the place clean.
From the start people find get-outs, and ways to offload their chores onto other people.
Ryan offers to teach Paul and Patsy to play poker. They play for matchsticks at first, and he lets them win. Then after offering higher stakes, like chores, Ryan plays to win. Before long, Ryan has offloaded his next 4 days' chores onto Paul and Patsy.
There's a similar story with Jack. He takes advantage of their hunger and offers them food in exchange for cleaning the windows.
Things get serious in Ep.10 when Paul and Patsy play Poker again with Ryan. This time they play for food, and as before, Ryan is a much better player. Twice, Patsy is forced to go get supplies from Jack to stay in the game. The second time Ryan follows her, while Lex guards the table.
As soon as Ryan discovers Jack's food stash he tells Lex about it. For now, Lex uses this knowledge to his advantage, blackmailing Jack into voting for him in the upcoming election for tribe leader. Lex becomes leader, and it's Ryan again who lets slip to everyone that Jack has a secret food store. Lex is obliged to put Jack on trial. Paul and Patsy vote "not guilty", making the result 5:4 not guilty.
Bray brings new pets for the Kids - Ep.13
In Ep.13 Cloe loses her pet calf Bluebell while trying to protect her from Lex. Bray brings home some chickens, to help make up, though Cloe is still lost in the woods. Cloe will call her favorite 'Henrietta' and Patsy will call hers 'Clara'.
Patsy is terribly upset that Cloe still hasn't come home. To take the kids' minds of things, Zandra gives them a makeover.
A welcome storm brings much-needed rain to fill up the water tank on the roof. And now that Jack and Dal have finished making a filtration system, they can all try some, including Bob, much to Patsy's delight.
Cloe still has not come home, she has been out in the storm, lost. Jack & Dal's water system will not be enough to supply all their needs, and the first priority must be to fetch water from the stream, not to find Cloe.
Cloe is fortunate to meet Tai-San. Not only does she distract the attention of marauding Locos looking for their missing leader Zoot, she also binds up Cloe's sprained foot, then accompanies her back to the Mall. Tai-San becomes a member of the tribe, "The Mallrats".
Zandra's Wedding and the disappearance of Paul - Ep.17
Zandra has taken Tai-San's advice and talked Lex into marrying her. Cloe and Patsy are her bridesmaids; Paul also has a role as pageboy, but Patsy cannot find him. Zandra wants to proceed without him. Suddenly she spots Ebony in the mall and screams. It turns out that Ebony has followed Bray, thinking she might learn what happened to Zoot.
The wedding is called of, and as for Paul, he is never seen again. Patsy is terribly upset, and largely blames Lex, suspecting that his mistreatment of "the deafo" caused Paul to leave.
Although Ebony is captured and put in the cage, Lex allows her to escape, and the fear is she will return with the Locos to trash the place. Cloe and Patsy help Jack to get ready for an attack. In the meantime Bray makes a secret deal with Ebony.
KC makes friends - Ep.25
Patsy and Cloe play hide-&-seek in the Service area, but it's boring with only 2 people. For Patsy it's a sad reminder that Paul used to be number 3. KC takes the initiative in making friends. And later he amuses Patsy with a little make-believe about buying an ice-cream, something they used to do before the Virus.
And later KC pretends to be a Loco, in hot (and noisy) pursuit of a couple of strays. Even Trudy is amused, though she reminds them that Brady is trying to sleep.
Patsy discovers that Salene is sick - Ep.27-29
When Salene believes there is no one in the Café, she raids the food store then takes the food down to the sewers to binge and then throw up. This is the first time we suspect that Salene has an eating disorder.
Then when most of the Mallrats have gone to the Tribal Gathering, Salene does it again, only this time Patsy follows her down there. Patsy is really worried that Salene might have the Virus. She agrees to keep what she has seen secret.
I was just wondering, what would you do if you'd sworn to keep a secret, but then you found out that if you kept that secret, the person who'd asked you to keep it would end up being hurt?
Patsy is so worried about Salene she's just got to tell someone, and right now Trudy is the only other person around (other than Brady).
Salene soon guesses that Patsy has betrayed her secret and is at first angry. She and Trudy sit down for a chat, and Trudy is the first to really understand how Salene's problem of Bulimia really works and why she feels so badly about herself.
Patsy interrupts their tête-à-tête with news that the others have come back from the Tribal Gathering.
Patsy's role in this matter is done. Salene continues to steal food (and worse), until she finally tells Amber about her problem. Salene has a few relapses, even into Season 2.
Sasha - Ep.30-36
At the Tribal gathering, the Mallrats found Dal, now a slave bought by Ebony. Amber then made a wager with Ebony to get Dal back, lost, and became a slave herself. Lex and Ryan were able to free them both, plus Sasha who was chained to Dal, amid an all-out intertribal fight that they had begun.
Sasha is an entertainer, loved by everyone except Bray, who regards him as a waste of space and a rival for Amber, not that Bray has ever told her.
Sasha works mostly with the kids, teaching them a little about music, drama and entertainment in general.
KC, Patsy and Cloe perform their well-rehearsed cheerleader-style chant in praise of The Mallrats.
Sasha might be making the kids happy, but Bray is driven insane with jealousy. What's more, Salene feels redundant. She used to entertain the kids, including piano lessons. Salene resorts to a binge in the sewers for comfort.
In Ep.33 Lex and Zandra get married. Following the wedding Sasha and Amber take time out on the beach for a few days, Salene leaves the Mall to find food at Roanne's trading post; and Ryan leaves the Mall, intending never to return. Jack has a broken leg and Bray is in a permanent sulk over Sasha and Amber. Lex reverts to nasty, bullying Lex like never before. Trudy does her best to keep the place clean but it's a losing battle, and Tai-San is no help.
Trudy is at the end of her tether. It seems whenever she manages to get Brady off to sleep Lex starts shouting again, calling for room service from Ryan, who is no longer even at the Mall.
The happy Mallrat family is falling apart. The Mall where the girls once felt so safe, wanted and loved has become a fearful place. Patsy tries to comfort a tearful Cloe "Don't cry Cloe. There'll be somewhere else else for us, you'll see."
Next morning there's no one to make breakfast for the girls, and they are hungry. They find Trudy in the Café doing her best to clear the mess. She promises to make breakfast if only they would help her first. Tai-San makes an appearance, but not to help Trudy. Instead she takes the girls away to do some "energy clearing."
It's the same story next day. They leave the Café without breakfast and ask Tai-San. Tai-San doesn't believe in breakfast and shows them a New-Age spiritual alternative.
After some time the 2 girls are still hungry. Without a word they both stand, leave the Pharmacy, and head for the chickens in hope of finding some eggs.
When Amber and Sasha get back it's not a moment too soon. Cloe has a tale of woe to tell. When they went to check on the chickens, there was no sign of Henrietta, just a handful of feathers. Amber takes them to the Café for a hot drink. She then explains she has only come back to say good-bye. She and Sasha have decided to leave the Mallrats and make their own life together.
Cloe and Patsy are distraught and turn to Lex. Maybe he will persuade Amber to stay? The sight that greets them fills them with horror. Now they know what happened to Henrietta.
Everyone watches Amber and Sasha go. Patsy fights to hold the tears back.
Once outside, Amber cannot actually bring herself to forsake the tribe, to leave everyone who needs her at the mercy of people like Lex. Kissing Sasha one last time, Amber turns back, sorrowful, back toward the Mall, a concrete prison compared with the life she might have had with the boy she loved.
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