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Ever wanted somewhere to publish your own stories?
Show off art - like Dollz or line art.
Wanna write a poem about Mega's charm?
You can do it here
If you would like to Share your Creativity with
Other Tribe Fans please email me at:

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  Credits: A list of all contributors is given in each section
  Wallpaper Traditionally 800 x 600 pixels. As screens have got bigger, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 960 and other sizes and widescreen variations are common
  Avatars Small images often 100 x 100 pixels
  Signatures Typ. 500 pix wide x 150 high
  Sets 1 Avatar + 1 Signature
  Chap. Images Typ. 300 x 300 to 400 x 400
  Bookmarks Typ. 110 wide x 700 high. Do not work with Kindle or iPAD :)
  Banners & Headers According to Blue_Eagle_3: Headers and Banners are two different things, banners are narrow, headers are bigger and go at the top of a website. That is what a header is, while a banner is something you put up with a story
  Wallscrolls Think Bayeux Tapestry, but probably not so long - or wide
  Art A bit of a catch-all term or "None of the Above". Often referred to as "Blends"
  Posters Typically 600h x 400w