Blue_Eagle_3 Oct.29.11 Trudy, Ryan
Zandra, Lex
other Mallrats
Our Secret Family 'A.U.' POV version of The Tribe. Same people, different relationships. In this Universe, the central relationship is Ryan and Trudy. And theirs is the Secret Family. Illus. by BE3's graphics
Blue_Eagle_3 Sep.05.10 Amber &
All That is Left Tribe 6 story. The Mallrats find themselves in a strangely familiar place as Amber faces great sadness
a Trilogy
Aug.22.10 Mallrats
A Chosen
spin-off Cult
Part 1 - Life after the Second Virus Tribe 6 story. Strange relationships, sudden deaths, and definitely Ambex
Aug.22.10 Part 2 - Love is not a Fairytale Return of the Chosen. The Technos Strike Back. 2 Weddings and a Funeral.
Sep.03.10 Part 3 - The Island or rather 2 islands. The second generation of kids rule the roost, or nest, planning (or not) the next generation
Tribebohemian Mar.21.09 Mallrats The Radix Tribe 6 story, beginning qith the boat...
Kate Oct.18.08 Marshall
Zero Hour Political machinations and secrecy when the Virus first strikes. But does one Family hold the key to a cure?
Kate Jun.05.08 Amy &
The Caust Nearly all the adults are dead. Survival is all that matters. Who can you trust?
Tribebohemian Aug.20.06 Lex, Trudy To you I'll always return Some time after Tribe 5. A City divided and a love story
Wendy Aug.07.06 KC &
the gang
You Wish that Amulet had magical powers? Decide for yourself. Somewhat wacky alternate reality, but entertaining none the less.
Kate Aug.05.06 Gaians
Easier to Run Season 3 rewrite where the Chosen continue to rule - hence no Techno invasion Warning: some gratuitous brutality (OK, lots)
Danny May.23.06 Daniella
Losing a Game called Love Danielle loves both Mega, and Ram, but she must sacrifice one of them to save the Mallrats
Kate May.20.06 Mallrats
One Lie Tells a Thousand Stories A "what-if" retelling of the Entire Tribe Story!
Tribebohemian Apr.18.06 Ryan &
Ryan's Song What happened to Ryan after the Chosen, and why he didn't return to the Mall. Also about Patsy
Wendy Apr.08.06 Mallrats + 3 A Step into the Future Tribe 6! (5 years down the line) - weird relationships! + Trackism + Lotexism +... (and that's the subplots)
Kate Dec.26.05 Characters
from One Lie
Black Friday Sequel to "One Lie..." A war-torn city through the eyes of 7 teenagers, They are the next generation, What will they choose?
Tribebohemian Nov.26.05 Dal & Jet Dal and Jet A one-off encounter with a future brought to nought by the Chosen occupation. Warning: Adult content
Kate Nov.19.05 Brady Taller in More Ways Set some time in or after Season 5
Warning: this is a Dark tale of murder.
Kate Oct.21.05 Patsy Brokedown Palace A short story rich in imagery. Warning: this is a Dark tale.
Wendy Jul.03.05 Mallrats
Time for a Change, Take a New Direction A Season 4 "what if" story. When the Mallrats led by Ebony are told by Jay that their friends are on "That Truck", What if the 7 Mallrats had joined them....?
Kate Jun.25.05 Mallrats &
The Mukhtar
Footsteps A new generation of Mallrats face a new generation of Zoot worshippers who are as extreme as their forbears. Warning: this is (in places) a very Dark tale.
Kate     "Judgments" A Trilogy  
Jan.23.05 Jack, Marina 1 Emergence Jack's time with the Chosen in S3
May.07.05 Mallrats
Mega, Java
2 Inauguration Mega controls the City, aided by Java. He has scanners too, even more diabolical than Ram's
Jun.11.05 Gaians, Ebony
Mega, Java
3 Eternity Zoot wars continue. Mega's empire is brought down by the Gains and Zootists with help from Marina. Romance for Brady too
Wendy May.13.05 Mallrats
Being Somewhere, but being No One A re-run of Season3 with the Technos as allies against the Chosen. Ram still has a Grand Project, but it's not what anyone expected. A different set of mortalities. Oh, & Danni's OK- in the end.
Kate May.11.05 Lena West Half Baked The Diary of Lena West during the Chosen Occupation
Kate Apr.21.05 Mallrats Affirmation A Tribe 5 sequel to "Never Forsake Thee"
Lea Apr.03.05 Various Imagine The black-uniformed Elite are a cut above everyone else. Or that's what they would like to think. But when it comes down to it...
Danny Mar.12.05 Danielle
Ram, Zoot
Unknown Love Danielle comes to Liberty where everyone assumes her daughter's father is newcomer Blaize. But how does Ram fit in?
Danny Feb.12.05 Danielle &
the Mallrats
The Dream that Saved Me Danielle has settled in with the Mallrats, but there's a skeleton in her closet. Happy ending.
Danny Feb.01.05 Danielle, Ram
The Mallrats
Diamond in the Rough Post Tribe 5 story. An unexpected love story with a happy ending. Sad twist towards the end
Ebony Angel Jan.30.05 Mega & Java Two Sides of the Same Coin Java Vs. Mega as rival agents in criminal investigation. Not strictly "Tribal" except the characters
Danny Jan.29.05 Danielle
Bray, Martin
Change of Heart Before the virus, Danielle and her mom emigrate - and find their new neighbors are Bray and Martin. Which changes the course of History
Tilly Jan.18.05 Jack Jack of All Trades Jack escapes the Technos; but something strange is going on at the Mall.
Thomasina Jan.16.05 Jay Look into the Future - a Jay Story Jay was once a Loco together with Ebony. The story takes place in between the Locos and the Technos
Kate Dec.07.04 Mallrats Never Forsake Thee An alternative version of Tribe IV - without Technos - 52 chapters
Kate Dec.05.04 Trudy & Ben The Fire Garden A chilling, supernatural tale
Britney Dec.03.04 Lucy &
the Mallrats
Transparent Water A six year old girl joins the Mallrats. But who is she? Why is she so weird? And Zoot?????
Lea Nov.20.04 Various First Kiss A Collection of Firt-kiss stories
Britney Nov.07.04 Brady &
the Mallrats
Field of Dreams Brady keeps a Diary, telling of the Mallrats' adventures on an island. Or are they?
Laura Oct.17.04 Laura, Jay Laura's Story Ex-Techno girl, on the run from the Technos, is Bray's Sister
Ebony Angel Sep.25.04 Mallrats
Jack, Ebony
Fire and Water All the gang, including Ram, Ebony, Ruby. Jack. The Mallrats live at the Mall, but what are Jack and Ebony doing together in Liberty?
Kate Sep.09.04 Mallrats Weakness is not a Curse     Sequel to Ready to be Strong
Lea Sep.06.04 Slade Slade's Secret An alternative Slade Pre-tribe Story
Ebony Angel Sep.04.04 Mallrats Old Enemies, or New Friends? The Mallrats' boat takes them to an unknown island - Trackism, Malene-ism(?), . .
Kate Aug.28.04 Mallrats
Who I Am A one-night stand between Hawk & Trudy results in a baby....
Britney Aug.25.04 Amber, Trudy
Bray, Brady
Growing Up A day in the Life of Amber, Trudy, Bray Jr & Brady (age 10)
Kate Aug.15.04 Mallrats Ready to be Strong The Mallrats shipwreck on an island and deal with its Queen who is more evil and twisted than the Guardian.
Ebony Angel Aug.14.04 Slade, Ebony
The Mallrats
Envious Deeds Set in what would be Tribe 6, beginning on the boat taking the Mallrats from the City       Jebonism, Slebonism, Zebonism
Annie Aug.12.04 Jack Jack's Story when he was taken away by the Chosen
Britney Aug.11.04 Brady
Two of a Kind Brady has a twin sister; they don't really get along!
A very unexpected twist at the end.
Lea Jul.11.04 Zoot Zoot - Windows to Your Soul / I am not a God Reflections by Zoot on himself and what others think of him
Kate Jul.10.04 Damaris Sinner's Mind is a Sanctum The Tragic life of Ebony's other sister, Damaris.   2 stories in 1: before the Virus and after
Lea Jun.25.04 May May Alone A Pre-tribe Story: How May learned to survive
Lea Jun.25.04 Trudy The Perfect Friend Trudy's thoughts about her Friend Amber
Ebony Angel Jun.22.04 Slade
I'll Never Let You Go But what choice will Slade have when Ebony leaves him whilst pregnant with his baby. Now 5 year on, what will happen
Kate Jun.20.04 Zandra
Burnt Out Shell of Me Prequel to Kate's Trilogy. Zandra's life with the Zagros Tribe
Kate     A Tribal 'who-dunnit' mystery trilogy  
Mar.20.04 The Mallrats 1 Uncertain Feelings Ryan returns, the 1st of many surprises
Mar.21.04 + Zandra 2 Hopelessly devoted 3 deaths and a gruesome discovery
Mar.25.04 + The Gaians 3 City United The Mystery is solved but too late to avert another murder
Kate Apr.10.04 Indy, Hunter Indy's Choice Sequel to Kate's Trilogy
Kate Jun.05.04 Mallrats Return to Normality The Mallrats are 'rescued' by the U.S.A.F
Kate May.09.04 Trudy, Gracie Somewhere Better Trudy's daughter brings peace to the City
Britney May.01.04 Kimberly Someone Like Me Kimberly looks for somewhere to belong after the Virus
Lea Mar.19.04 Mega, Danni
Tribe Circus
After the Darkness The Mallrats find Danni; she & Mega fall in love +Tribal wars
Britney Mar.17.04 Ebony Leader Love How Ebony fell in love with Zoot
Lea Mar.15.04 May May Alone - ways to end it all
Britney Mar.15.04 Stacey,
Zoot, Ebony
Long Lost Sister Bray and Martin had a Sister...(Sad ending)
Kate Mar.14.04 The Mallrats Past & Future Lex's sister & a Quest to find missing Mallrats
Kate Feb.01.04 Boys + Girls Boys Rule Girls do what they're told - until..
Kate Jan.31.04 The Mavericks Mavericks A new Tribe; how they Live - and die
Kate Jan.17.04 Trudy Finding Myself A Trudy Pre-Tribe Prequel to "Destiny"
Britney Jan.17.04 Zoot, Trudy Love at 2nd Sight A day out with Zoot
Kate Jan.10.04 Brady (at14) Destiny has a Way of Catching up with you
Britney Jan.10.03 Trudy The Virus A Trudy pre-Tribe story
Morning Glory Nov.14.03 Lex & "AJ" Simple Gifts Lex raises a baby daughter
Jenise Nov.14.03 Jay & Ved Life Before the Technos
LightInTheNight Aug.09.03 Ebony A Fool For Love a look inside ebony's mind: the pain, the suffering, the LOVE
Morning Glory Jul.14.03 "Ciara McCree" Silent Years A Girl Meets Lex at the Mall
Nova Jul.14.03 Selene Growing Up In World War Three: A Salene Pre-Tribe Story
Amber-Alexandra Jun.18.03 Zandra The Last Goodbye (Zandra's thoughts on the day of her death)