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Jack is the original inhabitant of the Mall, living alone in the electrical shop long before Amber or Lex find it. But he will eventually run out of supplies so he needs other people to help him survive. He knows how to raise and lower the grille to keep unwanted people out. When Amber, Salene and Dal arrive with three younger kids and a dog, Jack decides to let them come right in; but Lex, Ryan and Zandra are a different matter: they seem hostile, making threats, and Jack drops the grille in front of them. Jack comes out of the shadows, introduces himself and shows Amber around. The downside is Jack is no longer his own boss, though he seems happy to let Amber make the decisions, like whether to let Lex join the group.
Amber's first rule is that everything must be shared. In the café Jack reluctantly shows her what food he has left. It's not much, but it's more than anyone could have hoped. Next he surprises them all when he brings out a portable cooker. They can all eat hot food!
The decision is made to allow Lex's group to join the group, largely based on Lex's persuasive argument that he and Ryan can protect everyone. They start by giving chase to Bray, who has been lurking in the sewers. Bray is smarter than they are and doubles back. He is accepted into the tribe, long before Ryan and Lex get back and start objecting.
Next arrival is Trudy, brought to the Mall by Bray. She is pregnant and many doubt whether a small band of kids can cope with everything this will entail. Lex says no. Jack would like to have a say, because "It's my place after all." Lex gives Jack a reality check, "Not any more."
Jack is soon to get another reality check from Dal. Jack is still in denial, refusing to believe that all the adults are dead. He's been trying to make contact with survivors by radio, so far without success.
Dal sternly tells Jack to face reality, there are no adults left - anywhere - and the sooner he faces up to the new reality the more useful he will be to himself and everyone else.
It turns out that Jack has a secret food stash in the Service Area, for his own exclusive use. What he showed Amber in the café is tiny by comparison. By chance Paul and Patsy discover Jack tucking into a snack. They make a deal, food for secrecy. No one else must know, especially Lex!
In Ep.8 when everyone is asleep Bray brings Zoot to visit Trudy. What most people don't know yet is that Zoot, not Bray, is the father of Trudy's Baby. Lex and Ryan, alerted by Patsy and Bob, investigate - and attack - both Bray and Zoot. In the ensuing fight, Zoot falls to his death from the balcony. Jack suggests they bury his body in the local graveyard and at dawn he takes Bray, Amber, Trudy and Dal there. When they discover that the Demon Dogz have taken up residence there Jack offers an alternative, burial at sea. He takes them to the beach by the safest route where they give Zoot a Warrior's funeral, setting fire to the boat.
Sooner or later the secret of Jack's food stash is bound to come out. It happens like this: Ryan teaches Paul and Patsy to play Poker. At first they play for chores. Paul and Patsy end up doing Ryan's chores as well as their own. Later, they play for food rations. Ryan wins repeatedly and to stay in the game Patsy has to get supplies from Jack. Ryan follows her the second time and learns Jack's secret.
Ryan informs Lex immediately. Lex is running an election campaign for tribe leader. He sees an opportunity here, to blackmail Jack into voting for him. Needless to say Lex has been using blackmail tactics on everyone and wins the election.
Jack is put on Trial - Ep.11
Jack's secret is totally blown when Ryan announces creamed rice to celebrate Lex's victory. ("Who's got creamed rice?...")
Lex's first task as leader is to put Jack on trial. While in the cage, and with nothing to lose, he threatens to tell everyone about Lex's own secret water stash.
Lex appoints Ryan as judge. He votes 'guilty' before the trial has even started!
Driven by Jack's threat (or promise) Lex persuades the court to find Jack not guilty - even though everyone knows otherwise.
Water Supply Problems
As leader, Lex has enough problems already. The girls have gone on strike in protest that he has given them all the chores.
Dal races up the stairs to the Café to tell Lex: he has seen a puddle of water on the floor. Jack realizes this can only mean one thing, the water supply from the roof tank is leaking. Looking into the tank he announces that it is now empty.

Lex enforces water rationing. When the girls come for theirs they get one bottle - for all of them!
Jack and Dal set about modifying and repairing the water supply. When they are finished all they have to do is wait for rain. When a storm comes the excitement is short lived. The water poured into a glass is very cloudy, like mud.
Other things are happening. During the storm Patsy notices Cloe is missing. A search party fails to find her. The search for Cloe is put on hold. The water situation is now so critical that supplies must be brought from the nearest stream.
Jack and Dal construct a filter using gravel and sand from the hardware store. It works! Amber has sufficient faith in them to taste the water first. It's good. Ryan decides it tastes like real water! Their success goes to Jack's head; muttering to himself he calls himself a genius! Dal gives another reality check: it was a team effort, and besides, unless Jack can make it rain three times a day, they must still get most of their water from the stream.
Much to everyone's relief, Cloe returns safe and well, brought back by stranger Tai-San. Lex alone sees Tai-San's easy entry as a security breech, highlighting the need for a security system.
Jack's next idea is an alarm system consisting of tripwires in the sewers connected to a laptop PC. The alarm sound is a cacophony of screams and/or baying wolves, designed both to alert the tribe, and to frighten any would-be intruders. As so often happens, Jack has the idea, but Dal has the practical know-how to get the job done.
One skill one wouldn't expect from Dal or Jack is concern for and care of babies! In Ep.16 Trudy is neglecting Brady as usual. She needs changing - badly, and feeding. The two boys care about Brady more than her own mother and take her to Salene and Amber. But that's as far as it goes. They then make a rapid exit!
The Mallrats' next crisis comes when Ebony captures Bray, releases him, then follows him back to the Mall. They put her in the cage but she outwits Lex and escapes. It is almost certain she will come back with an invasion force to trash the Mall.

Jack has some way-out ideas, including balloons filled with gasoline to incinerate their attackers in the sewers. Amber vetoes them all for being too inhuman. They settle for really scary sound effects, a communication system, and hiding the kids in the Market lift shaft.
In his Supperette HQ Lex forgets that his microphone is turned on while Zandra bawls him out over the issue of what he was doing in the cage with Ebony. It's good entertainment for the listeners. The expected Loco attack never comes. Instead Bray makes a secret deal with Ebony, giving her the Talisman that Zoot always wore in return for her pledge to leave the Mall alone.
The next crisis is all about Trudy. Her post natal depression hasn't been helped by Bray and Salene having feelings for each other. Her answer is to commit suicide - or try to, an overdose of sleeping pills taken from Dal's bag.
Dal spends more time with Trudy than anyone, he feels it was his fault for not keeping his supply of drugs under lock and key.
This is all most inconvenient for Jack. His latest project is a wind turbine, to generate power for recharging all those batteries. When asked, Jack will always claim he doesn't need Dal. The truth is, Jack relies on Dal's practical skills.
Even when Dal isn't with Trudy, he wants to be. He is preoccupied or falling asleep exhausted. Jack loses patience with him, so Dal spends more time with Trudy! At the end of Ep.22 Dal and Trudy leave the Mall. By coincidence newboy KC sneaks in.
KC thieves from everyone's room unobserved and unnoticed for a surprisingly long time. It's Lex who catches him, thieving from his room, the Boutique. Surprisingly it is also Lex who makes the strongest case for allowing him to join the tribe.
KC turns up outside Jack's workshop, willing and able to help with the wind project. Jack really doesn't want or need his help, but takes pity on him. When Jack breaks a drill bit he blames KC and uses that as reason to get rid of him!
Trudy returns to the Mall in Ep.25 without Dal. Jack is making little or no progress with the wind turbine. Is there any chance that Dal will also come back soon? Trudy dashes his hopes. It's very unlikely.
Jack studies Dal's drawing once more. He's got the 'S'-shaped barrel sorted. But how does he couple it to an alternator? In frustration Jack shouts and kicks the barrel - "DAMN <kick> YOU <kick> DAL <kick>!"
When Trudy came back she brought news of an upcoming Tribal Gathering. It will be part carnival, part trading market. Bray and Amber are very keen to participate. Amber tells Jack they are all counting on him. The wind turbine, with its potential for unlimited power, will be their main trading strength.
Zandra is playing hard-to-get as far as Lex is concerned. She wants him to prove his devotion to her and sets him a test, to find her a wedding ring. This is harder than it sounds, all the jewelry stores were looted long ago. Lex uses his initiative and searches Jack's workshop. Bingo! Copper wire from the alternator. Snip-snip, the job is done.
KC wanders into the workshop again and guesses Jack is having a hard time. Spotting the alternator on the counter KC recognizes it as a good model - he should know - he used to steal them to trade! Jack sees light in the darkness - maybe KC can help instal it on the windmill?
Before they can test it properly, the wind blows the entire contraption over. They will have to redesign it.
Bray tells Jack it's time to pack the whole thing up to take to the Tribal Gathering. Jack admits there is a small fault, but nothing he can't handle. Of course it will work at the Gathering!
Of course it doesn't. By now KC and Jack have figured the missing coils of copper. This can only mean one thing, one of the Mallrats sabotaged it back at the Mall.
Glen is looking for trouble. He and a band of Locos have already beaten up Lex. Now they intend to smash the wind turbine. Jack spots the missing copper - on Zandra's finger, but it's too late.
That's not all that's gone wrong. KC has spotted Dal, now sold to Ebony as a slave by the Nomads. Amber loses a wager to get him back and joins Dal as Ebony's slave. Taking matters into his own hands Lex starts a riot. Tribe fighting against tribe, mostly all the other tribes against the Locos. Amid the chaos Ryan frees Amber and Dal along with Sasha. They are lucky to escape.
Jack has never given up hope that he might contact adult survivors somewhere in the world. Dal reminds him that Sasha, who has traveled to many places, has never found any. Suddenly a distant voice replies to Jack's signal. He goes frantic at the controls. But it's only Sasha messing about! He slowly emerges from his crouched position behind the counter. Dal goes along with it, but Jack just can't handle this kind of joke.
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