Finding the Mall
In the immediate aftermath of the virus, when no adults were left alive, Amber and Dal decide to flee the City and to find somewhere in the country to live. Somewhere where they could grow their own food and be self-sufficient. This is Dal's dream.
But that's not how things work out. Whilst taking cover from the Locos, Amber rescues a wandering girl, Cloe, and the rest is history: Amber and Dal join up with Cloe's friends, Salene, Paul and Patsy, and they find the Mall by accident while avoiding more trouble from the Locos, the Demon Dogz, and a new threat, Lex and his friends.
The sole inhabitant of the Mall at this time is Jack. Unseen, he allows Amber's group safe entry into the Mall, because he needs people to help him survive. Dal makes a brief tour of the Mall to find food but finds nothing - it has all been looted.
When Lex's group shows up, still making threats toward Amber, Jack (still unseen) lowers the two sets of grilles, trapping the unwanted visitors within.
Before long, Jack introduces himself and shows Amber's group around. Finding beds in the furniture store is a wonderful and unexpected surprise.
Dal still wants to fulfill his dream with Amber, but she knows it isn't to be. Dal chooses to remain with her, to make his home in the Mall.

Sleeping Together
For the first night at least, everyone in Amber's group sleeps in the furniture store. But before long people start to move out to find their own space.

Dal soon establishes a rapport with Jack, working on many projects together. Jack is the ideas man, but rather theoretical. Dal puts the ideas into practice, being more grounded, judging what is possible, and what is impractical.

So it is hardly surprising that when Dal moves out, he chooses the Magazine store, right next to Jack's workshop.
In episode 5-6, with Trudy likely to die from a complication following childbirth, Dal risks his life to fetch antibiotics for her from his father's surgery in sector 15. Then he sits with her almost constantly until she recovers, and brings her flowers when she does!
Trudy continues to suffer from post natal depression and half way through Season 1 she attempts suicide. Dal is stricken with remorse, because the sleeping pills had come from his bag. Again he cares for her round the clock until she recovers. Dal is becoming deeply fond of Trudy, and fiercely protective. On one occasion he even attacks Bray when he sees her driving him out of her
room wielding a knife. Jack begrudges the time Dal spends with her, and for each of them, life at the Mall is becoming unbearable. At the end of Ep.22 they leave together for a new life. But that's jumping ahead.
Ep.13-15. The first project comes about when the tank on the roof leaks, and there's no more water. Jack and Dal instal a water filtration system to make rainwater palatable. As usual, Dal's been doing all the dirty work. He also helps Jack instal an intruder alarm system, and booby traps at times when they are under threat of an attack. In Ep.22 Jack and Dal begin work on a wind-driven system to charge batteries, but Dal is so tired and preoccupied with Trudy's recent suicide attempt, that not a lot gets done, much to Jack's annoyance. Before long Trudy and Dal leave the Mall together to start over and find a new life.
They find a new Tribe, the Nomads, but before staying with them long enough to uncover the truth about them, Trudy comes to terms with her own responsibilities and role as a mother. In short, the break from the Mall enables her to get over her depression, and she returns to the Mall a much wiser, humbler and more stable person. Dal isn't so lucky. He soon discovers the Nomads are slave traders, and they intend to sell him at a slave market at the upcoming Tribal Gathering, together with Sasha, a hapless traveling entertainer who falls into their net soon after Trudy has departed.
By sheer good fortune, KC spots Dal at the Gathering and informs Amber. But other wheels are turning and it seems the same fate probably awaits all the Mallrats. Lex takes matters into his own hands, and with Ryan's help, they start an all-out intertribal fight, during which Ryan frees Dal, Sasha, and Amber, for she too has become Ebony's slave. Amid the riot and chaos, everyone sneaks away safely from the Gathering back to the Mall.
Dal is welcomed back as an important member of the Mallrats, working with Jack and KC to make Wind Turbine MKII, that really works.
Not all of Dal's ideas work. When Jack's leg gets broken (Ep.33) he demands "a vehicle" be constructed so he can get around. Dal comes up with the Sedan Chair idea, which only succeeds in ripping the arms off a perfectly good chair.
In Ep.37 Jack & Dal's latest project is a surveillance system. Dal instals the CCTV camera while KC acts the fool and shakes the ladder - just for a laugh.
The Virus Returns
When Patsy brings Glen to the Mall, only to die days later, it becomes imperative to try and find some answers about the Virus. So while Bray, Amber and KC search the Health Minister's Office, Lex and Dal look through newspaper articles at The Daily Times.

Dal soon realizes that Lex can't read. Lex blows a fuse, and threatens to break every bone in Dal's body if he tells anyone else. He is the second person to learn Lex's secret, the first being KC.
Back at the Mall, when Dal compares notes with Bray and Amber, it becomes apparent that an anti-aging project was taking place at Hope Island. A project that went seriously wrong.
The following day, Dal goes with Bray, Lex and Amber to Hope Island. There he probably saves Lex's life, spotting a mine in the dirt before Lex treads on it. Once inside the establishment, Dal uses his computer skills to download files. But he doesn't know the password, and the system goes into Security Alert mode, shutting down life support, including the air supply. Fortunately Dal has another idea, semiconscious as he is. He tells Bray to short out the power supply. Bray does so, and the door opens just enough for Lex to wedge himself in the gap.
In Ep.46 Tribe Circus invades and trashes the Mall. When they are done they leave the Mallrats trapped behind the grille with a fire raging just the other side. Lex brings Ebony and the Locos to rescue them in Ep.47, but Ebony steals the Antidote. This was the deal she made with Lex. To enforce her claim she threatens Dal with Loco brutality. That's enough to persuade Jack to hand over the box.

Not satisfied with taking the Antidote, Ebony also keeps hold of Lex, by now very sick, to test it on. Plus she takes Bray as a hostage, to spite Amber.
In Ep.48 Dal finds a radio controlled helicopter in the Service Area. It's broken, but he has no problem fixing it. Dal gets the go-ahead from Amber to fly it over the Horton Bailey Hotel, Ebony's new H.Q., to try and get some camcorder footage of Bray, who is being held hostage there. In the end just two go, Ryan and Dal. After overflying the hotel, the helicopter runs out of gas and lands destructively. The noise attracts the attention of some Loco guards, though Ryan beats them off. What matters is the camcorder, which Dal deftly removes from the wreckage before they hightail it back to the Mall.
Eagle Mountain Ep.50-52
Jack and Dal search the Hope Island computer files. Again and again Jack sees the word "EAGLE" in association with a code number. But what can it mean? Dal comes up with the answer: it's a map reference! And there, when they look on the map, is Eagle Mountain, exactly at the coordinates given.
Jack cannot convince anyone of the need to go to Eagle Mountain. For a start he has no idea what they might find there. Until.... until Tai-San has a dream, about a mountain... and an Eagle.
The following day the Mallrats set off early for the mountain, but some way out from the City the road is barricaded. They are outnumbered and it seems they must turn back. Bray and Ebony arrive - in a bus. Bray drives the bus through the barricade, scattering barrels everywhere. But the bus soon breaks down, and even Dal cannot fix it. They continue their journey on foot.
At Eagle Mountain they find a satellite tracking station. Dal and Jack hack into the computer files and set the tracking system going. When everyone has given up hope of anything meaningful happening, THE satellite passes in orbit and delivers its message - a message that will give the Mallrats a new purpose, and change the fortunes of everyone in the City.
To be continued