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Finding the Mall
Near the Mall is a play area where Salene (an older kid) informally supervises younger kids Paul, Patsy (brother & sister) and Cloe plus Patsy's dog Bob. Cloe is apt to go walkabout, oblivious to the dangers of marauding Locos and Demon Dogz, rival tribes in a city that has become a war zone.
Amber and Dal are on their way out of the City when they spot Cloe and rescue her from certain pickup by the Locos.
Cloe introduces Amber and Dal to her friends back at the play-area.
Salene has no plans, where to stay or how to survive. She tells Amber she was letting the kids play one last time before.... We can only guess what she meant.
Amber and Salene discuss survival - a place to stay - when trouble arrives in the form of Lex and his friends, demanding food. Then the Locos arrive and then the Demon Dogz ready for a fight. Amber, Salene, and their group escape and find the Mall first.
Lex and his friends soon follow, still demanding their food, but Jack, the Mall's unseen resident, drops the grille, trapping Lex behind it until they can decide what to do about him.

Sleeping Together
Jack introduces himself and shows everyone round the Mall, and most importantly the furniture/ Bedding store. This is where everyone will sleep, at least for the first night, though Jack himself sleeps in the electrical store (his workshop). There's one set of bunk beds. Cloe picks the lower bed and Amber takes the bed above her.
Cloe is upset because she has lost her teddy. In fact Ryan is now using it as a pillow on the cold stone floor behind the grille. She will get it back the following day when Lex, Ryan and Zandra are allowed to join the tribe. Bray also introduces himself, and the following day Bray brings Trudy. It's not long before many decide to move out from the Furniture store to find privacy in their own rooms. Salene alone will choose to stay with Cloe and Patsy, until she eventually moves in with Ryan.

Bluebell - Ep.3-15
At about the same time as Paul and Patsy discover that Jack has a secret food store, and as Trudy goes into labor, Cloe makes friends with a stray calf that has been roaming the streets.
Cloe keeps the calf tethered in the parking lot and takes her coffee creamer to drink. As time goes by Cloe takes her for walks to find fresh grass. This is a dangerous game, for on more than one occasion Cloe finds herself near the railyard, where Zoot and the Locos hang out.
In Ep.6 Cloe spots Bray talking to Zoot, the feared leader of the Locos. What is Cloe to think? Is Bray a traitor? Cloe hides from Bray, but he soon finds her. He makes a deal: if she will keep quiet about what she just saw, he will keep her secret about Bluebell. Otherwise Lex will want to eat her.
Because Lex is really mean to Trudy, she agrees to meet with Zoot inside the Mall. For it turns out that Zoot is the father of her baby. Unfortunately Lex discovers their secret meeting and attacks both Bray and Zoot. In the fight that follows, Zoot falls to his death from the balcony.
Bray, Amber, Trudy, Jack and Dal take Zoot's body to the beech to give him a warrior's funeral on a burning boat.
Cloe prays for everyone, especially Trudy, Bob and Bluebell, but most of all, Zoot.
Cloe Saves Jack
At the end of Ep.10 Lex becomes leader, and his first job in Ep.11 is to put Jack on trial after Ryan carelessly lets slip about Jack's secret food stash.
Unfortunately for Lex, Jack threatens to tell everyone about Lex's water stash. Lex must therefore do everything to ensure a "not guilty" verdict.
Lex uses his knowledge of what other people have to hide to his advantage. In the end it's down to Cloe to cast the deciding vote. She declares "Not guilty."
As leader, Lex allocates all the chores, like cooking and cleaning, to the girls. The boys on the other hand are to be given weapons training, and Lex summons the girls to watch. Cloe slyly disappears. In the parking lot she tells Bluebell all about Jack's trial.
The girls don't like being treated as skivvies and Amber calls a midnight meeting to decide what to do. They decide to go on strike, to cook and clean only for themselves.
Suddenly an eerie sound permeates the Mall. Are they under attack?
Cloe suggests it might be Zoot's ghost. Amber doesn't believe in ghosts, but whatever it is, they are about to find out.
Cloe has a knowing look about her.
Macho Lex leads the boys, following the sound, down into the sewers, then the parking lot. Meanwhile Amber figures why Bray and Trudy find the situation so amusing: they know what it is!
Lex and the boys find Cloe, desperately trying to protect her pet from harm.
Lex's immediate thought is hamburgers for breakfast. It's only when Cloe holds out the prospect of milk that the boys begin to think further ahead, like milk on their breakfast cereal. Lex relents, and Cloe hugs him.
The girls' no-work protest gets under way, but before long the boys begin to cooperate. Accordingly the girls invite them to share their food. All except Lex, who stubbornly refuses to join in. He blames Amber for plotting against him.
Bluebell's prospects change dramatically in the Café when Bray enlightens Lex that without a bull, Bluebell will not be able to supply them with milk.
Lex's popularity and credibility ratings are way down right now, and bringing home some fresh beef might do the trick. Accordingly he takes Jack and Ryan to do the necessary. Cloe is terribly upset, declaring that she hates everyone.
Ryan cannot bring himself to wield the knife, and neither can Jack. That means Lex will have to do it on his own. Preferring not to have an audience he dismisses the other two. But when it comes to it, Lex can't do it either.
To save face, Lex's answer is to send Bluebell toward the woods, then to return to the Mall with a cover story that the Locos attacked him in order to take the calf for food.
Amber doesn't believe Lex's story for an instant. Her guess is that he had a fight with the calf and it won!
Cloe bolts from the Café. She's just got discover what she can about Lex's story, and Bluebell's fate.
Lex watches as Cloe finds Blue unharmed. This isn't good. Once she tells her story, everyone will know that his story was a complete fake.
Cloe takes Bluebell deep into the woods to protect her from Lex. But in so doing she becomes lost. This isn't a good time to be lost in the woods: a storm is coming.
Next day Ebony organizes a search party to look for their missing leader Zoot. Today they will concentrate on the woods. At the Mall, Lex leads a search party to find Cloe, but insists they head for the City, not the woods as Bray assumed. As Lex planned, they return at the end of the day without finding Cloe. Lex seems to rule out any further search for her, and tomorrow their top priority will be to fetch water from the stream.
When Cloe wakes at dawn of the third day she spots a couple Locos have camped nearby. Unfortunately they also spot her, and the chase is on.
Cloe manages to lose one Loco, but then she trips, spraining her ankle. Just when the remaining Loco is about to find her, a stranger appears at her side, throwing a stick to create a diversion.
Tai-San binds up her ankle, applying some herbs to reduce the swelling. She mystically enables Cloe to look inside herself for the way back to the Mall.
Back home the Mallrats make Tai-San welcome - except Lex who is hostile. And try as he might, Lex cannot prevent Cloe telling her story about how she found Bluebell unharmed.
There's a party to celebrate Cloe's safe return. Salene takes Bray aside for a chat, and what-do-you-know.... Trudy finds them kissing. She slaps Salene and demands that Bray make a choice between them. Bray can't handle this and leaves the Mall for time to think.
Cloe takes Bob to visit Trudy. It seems they both hate the Mall and everyone living there. Trudy is so depressed that she might have driven Bray away for ever, she totally neglects to look after Brady.
Meanwhile Bray gets caught by Ebony, and at the Mall Zandra makes preparations to marry Lex.
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