Finding the Mall
In the immediate aftermath of the virus, when no adults were left alive, Amber and Dal decided to flee the City and to find somewhere in the country to live. Somewhere where they could grow their own food and be self-sufficient.
Easier said than done. Zoot, and his tribe the Locos, regularly patrolled the City, rounding up "strays" and all too frequently using them as slave labor.
Whilst taking cover from the Locos, Amber spotted Cloe, in a world of her own, and bound to be snatched by the Locos, now closing in fast. Amber risked her own safety to rescue Cloe, and stayed with her to keep her safe. Cloe then took Amber and Dal to meet her friends Salene, Patsy and Paul.
Meanwhile, Lex, Ryan and Zandra, were on the run from the Locos. They found Amber's group by chance and demanded food. But then the Locos arrived, and then the Demon Dogz, their arch rivals. In the fight that ensued, Lex's group escaped one way, and Amber's group another, finding the Mall by chance.
The sole inhabitant at this time was Jack. He allowed Amber's group safe entrance, because he needed people to help him survive. But then Lex's group showed up, still demanding Amber's food. Jack pulled a few levers and Lex, Ryan and Zandra were trapped between the two grilles.
So while Lex's group were left to stew, Jack showed Amber's group around. Not only would the Mall provide shelter and protection, they also found comfy beds in the furniture store to sleep in.
Dal still wanted to fulfill his dream with Amber, but she knew it wasn't to be, and thought they should settle in the Mall.


Sleeping Together
With the exception of Jack, who is so attached to his workshop that he even has his bed in there, everyone else sleeps in the bedding/furniture store, at least for the first night. That's Amber, Salene, Paul, Patsy, Cloe and Dal. There's one set of bunk beds in there, and whilst Cloe grabs the lower one, Amber gets to sleep in the bed above her.
From the beginning Amber's qualities as a natural leader are obvious. In just about every crisis or situation requiring action or a decision, it is Amber who takes the lead. Even the day-to-day organization, such as setting up the duty roster, Amber is the one who does it.
Unfortunately, people don't like being told what to do, and in a world without adults, this is even more so. Despite an infestation of rats in the Café, and Amber's attempts to bring in measures to keep the place clean, many in the tribe shirk their allotted chores. With dishes festering unwashed, Amber gives up trying to maintain order.
Things rapidly come to a head, and after a fight between Bray and Lex, Amber challenges Lex to an election to decide who should be rightful leader. Lex has always wanted this role, though most everyone else knows he's the worst person for the job. Strangely Amber wants him to win and asks her supporters to vote for Lex. Why? Because if she wins, Lex will be on her case, bullying until he's leader. If Lex wins, he'll soon lose interest and let someone else do it. "Trust me" she assures Dal.
The election goes ahead, and Lex predictably wins.
Lex's first task as leader is to put Jack on trial for hoarding food. Whilst many would like to see Jack thrown out of the tribe, Amber recognizes that he is a valuable asset and this must not happen. Lex on the other hand is desperate to have the charges dropped. Why? Because Jack knows about Lex's own water stash and has promised to tell everyone in court about it if the trial doesn't go his way.
Lex's taste of Leadership proves disastrous. His people skills consist of threats and bullying. He begins by allocating all the chores to the girls. In response Amber organizes a strike: the girls will do absolutely nothing for the boys including preparing meals. The boys smell the food, including Salene's fresh bread, but by the time they arrive it's all gone!

Further crises follow, including a water shortage. The boys (other than Lex) begin to cooperate with the girls, and Lex finds himself out on a very lonely limb.
Lex makes a total fool of himself when he leads the boys against a suspected attack or invasion by what turns out to be Cloe's calf bluebell. Lex tries to turn the situation around by promising everyone hamburgers, but when it comes to it, Lex cannot kill the calf, but invents a story that the Locos attacked him.
Amber doesn't believe Lex's the story for an instant. And soon Cloe's account of losing Bluebell in the woods will totally discredit him.
Amber offers Lex a way out. She suggests a 3-way split of responsibilities, with Lex concentrating on his strong point - Mall security. Lex wisely makes an announcement to this effect soon after.
It wasn't long before people started to move out of the furniture store and find their own living space. Dal and Trudy had already done this and then it was Amber's turn in episode 12, choosing the room next to Trudy, the Sweet shop (i.e. candy store), taking her bed there from the furniture store. In episode 13 she effectively becomes the Leader of the Tribe, so having her own space enables people who need her advice to come to her privately. Amber is now responsible for the day-to-day running of the Tribe.
In Episode 15 Tai-San joins the tribe, bringing a spiritual/mystic influence. Hearing that the tribe has no name she conducts an informal ceremony whereby they become the "Mallrats". In Ep.17 Lex and Zandra are about to get married when Ebony shows up in the Mall, and freaks everyone out. The wedding is put on hold. Ebony is captured and put in the cage, but she escapes during Lex's watch. While Amber and Lex get ready for an attack by the Locos, Bray makes a secret deal with Ebony that guarantees they will be left alone at least for the time being.
While Amber deals with the big stuff, she also has to mother Trudy. Still suffering from post natal depression she is moody and unstable at the best of times. Her main fear is that Salene will take Bray away from her. When Bray and Salene develop feelings for each other, Amber fears the whole tribe might fall apart.
In Ep.20 Trudy reaches breaking point and takes an overdose of sleeping pills taken from Dal's bag. Once again it is Amber who takes charge of the situation with a lot of help from Dal.
Trudy makes a full recovery, but her basic unhappiness is never resolved. She leaves the Mall with Dal in Ep.23, leaving Brady to be cared for by the rest of the Tribe, which mostly means Salene.
With Trudy gone, the atmosphere in the Mall is certainly calmer. One exception is Jack's workshop where Dal's engineering expertise is no longer available. As a result progress on the wind turbine project grinds to a halt, until new arrival KC proves himself amazingly adept!
Bray and Amber find time to talk without Trudy as a constant all-demanding distraction. They don't know it yet, but the seeds of their future relationship are being sown. For now, Bray is still interested in Salene, but she herself shuns his advances out of guilt for her part in making Trudy leave; above all for having discovered the sleeping pills and leaving Trudy to die.
Trudy returns to the Mall in Ep.25 without Dal. Life has been far better without her, and most don't welcome her back at first. Salene has formed a real bond with Brady and it is really hard for her to hand her back. Nevertheless Trudy shows a real change in her life and is determined to face her responsibilities at last and to build relationships.
During her short stay with the Nomads Trudy learnt important news about an upcoming Tribal Gathering. Amber and Bray are interested. Because it is being organized by Ebony, Bray decides to go see her and check it out. Only Amber knows about Bray's mission.
Bray brings back a favorable report. Bray and Amber see the Gathering as a real opportunity to make peace among the tribes.
The Tribal Gathering & Sasha Ep.28-36
From day 1, Bray and Amber were destined to become an item. But this would be no whirlwind romance. Neither wanted to be the first to show their true feelings, plus there was the complication that Trudy and Salene both wanted Bray. Late in the first half of Season 1 there have been the first hints. But then came the Tribal gathering... and Sasha.
Even though the event was being organized by Ebony, both Bray and Amber had good feelings about it as a peaceful venture. But things turned out more as Lex had feared. Amber found Dal at the Gathering. Instead of being happy with the Nomads as Trudy believed, he was in fact a slave, sold by them to Ebony. In an effort to get Dal back, Amber makes a wager with Ebony - and loses, thereby also becoming Ebony's slave. At this point, Lex takes matters into his own hands and starts an intertribal, all-out riot. Ryan frees Amber, Dal and Sasha, and the Mallrats are lucky to get out pretty much unscathed.
Back at the Mall, Sasha is a charmer. Much to Bray's annoyance he devotes his time to teaching the kids music, dance, drama, and charming the ladies, specially Amber, who readily falls for him. It is largely Sasha who persuades Amber to perform the ceremony to marry Lex and Zandra (Ep.33).
After the wedding, Sasha persuades Amber to spend the day with him. One day turns to three, and she agrees to spend her life with Sasha, returning to the Mall only to say good-bye. At the last minute, she looks back; to the people who need her; the tribe now at the Mercy of Lex's bullying. It's a hard choice, but she sends Sasha on his way without her. For weeks she sits alone, remembering him.

With Amber pretty much out of it, Bray tries to keep the Mall running smoothly, filling in for her. Lex doesn't like this at all, and neither does KC. Together they frame Bray for hoarding water, in hopes this will get him thrown out of the Tribe.
Tai-San and Trudy ask Amber to hold a trial to uncover the truth. Amber is the only one who can stand up to Lex, and has little choice than to accept. Even so, things go badly for Bray, and Lex is almost sure to get his way. Bray decides to leave the Tribe without waiting for the inevitable verdict.
Amber and Lex have a public shouting match. She accuses him of destroying the tribe. As Bray is leaving Jack breaks his silence, willing to reveal the truth despite Lex threatening to give him two broken legs instead of one. KC confesses, to everything. Amber contemplates putting KC on trial - at least to force Lex's hand - when Patsy walks in with Glen. Old Glen. The virus is back. The trial is soon forgotten, for the virus could spell death for everyone. Patsy and Lex (who have had contact with Glen) are put in quarantine, though not for long. What they need is a long-term solution
Hope Island Ep.42-43
Bray and Amber realize that the first step in finding answers is to gather as much information as they can about the virus, and how it started.
The following day, two teams set out from the Mall. Lex and Dal head for the offices of The Daily Times. Bray, Amber and KC set out for the Ministry of Health. What they find, though it seems insignificant at the time, is a reference to a science project on Hope Island.
When they get back to the Mall, Glen is already dead. They cremate his body on some open ground.
Next day Lex, Bray, Amber, Dal (and Bob) find a small boat and row across to Hope island in the Bay. Despite a minefield, and a security system that traps them in the airtight laboratory, they come back with samples of a viable antidote.
Unfortunately, while the leaders were away, KC decided to have some fun - at the casino. He trades Jack's batteries and Cloe's pig for gambling chips. Fortunately Cloe insisted on going with him, to see why he was taking Porky. She escaped with her pig, but KC got caught. Just where did he get those batteries and the pig???? Top-Hat, leader of Tribe Circus, will want to know...

At the end of the day when Jack is the only other person still awake (He's working on the computer files from Hope Island), Bray and Amber share a cup of cocoa.... and then... their first kiss!
The following morning Tai-San greets them and knows instinctively of the new development. It will bring powerful medicine to the tribe! The rest of the day (and Ep.44) is devoted to Lex embarking on a spiritual quest in exile to find a cure. For Lex has has caught the Virus.
With Lex gone, attention focuses on the continued absence of KC. People start to realize he might be in real trouble, and might bring it back to the Mall.
In Ep.45 Trudy is the first to find out that Amber has moved in with Bray when she comes in asking him to attend a "Council of War". She is not at all happy about it, sarcastic and bitter in fact.
Trouble and more trouble Ep.46-47
Tribe Circus arrives as expected (caused by KC's reckless stupidity), and although the Mallrats put up a good fight, they are soon defeated.
Most of Tribe Circus, including Top-Hat, have been lured behind the grille before Jack releases it. Unfortunately an obstacle gets in the way, leaving a gap large enough for Tribe Circus to squeeze through, and nothing Amber can do will hold them back forever Amber threatens to drop and destroy the Antidote rather than let Ebony steal it. Ebony counter threatens to drop Bray over the Balcony. Amber gives in and gives the box to her
Tribe Circus trash the Mall. Before leaving they trap the Mallrats behind the grille, and set fire to a pile of furniture in front of it. Lex brings Ebony and the Locos to rescue them, but she in turn steals not only the Antidote they had brought back from Hope Island, but also Lex (who has the virus) to test it on, and Bray - as revenge on Amber.
With Bray gone, Amber returns to her own room in the Sweet Shop, sick for worrying over him. She volunteers to go out food foraging, but the real reason is she wants to discover Ebony's HQ. She finds it!
Dal and KC get a radio helicopter going and fly it over the Hotel with a camcorder attached. In the footage they bring back, Amber watches Ebony rubbing Bray's back with sun-lotion. Amber is distraught. She cannot know that Bray in fact had little choice. In the days following, Amber makes everybody's life hell, picking fault with everything. Such is the effect on her temperament of losing Bray.
Jack and Dal decode some of the Hope Island computer files and conclude there's something big on Eagle Mountain, at least 20 miles away. Tai-San has a dream that seems to support their findings. The Mallrats set off for Eagle Mountain. Meanwhile Spike leads a Loco rebellion against Ebony. Bray helps her to escape to the Mall.
They catch up with the Mallrats in an old bus Ebony has been keeping under wraps, and take them some of the way before the bus breaks down permanently. Bray doesn't understand why Amber's love has turned to hate.
Eagle Mountain turns out to be a satellite tracking station. While Jack and Dal attempt to break into the computer system, Lex acts as go-between and Bray and Amber kiss and make up. Then a satellite passes in orbit broadcasting its message concerning the Antidote. The tracking station picks it up and gives the Mallrats extremely important information. But then there's an explosion. Zandra is killed and so too, apparently, is Amber. Bray mourns for her, and is set on leaving the tribe to find his own path, but reconsiders, for Amber would have wanted him to continue as leader.
In Season 2, Bray finds a new girl, Danni. The Mallrats find the Antidote formula, and supply the City, thereby becoming the dominant tribe. But the City is taken by a Zoot cult, the Chosen. Amber is all but forgotten, until in Season 3 a small band of rebels (against the Chosen) led by Bray discover that Amber is very much alive!
To be continued