The Service Area is a general storage area, with a maze of shelving, and clear spaces too, where a Mallrat can go to really get away from it all. It's where Patsy finds a board game; where Dal finds a radio controlled helicopter.
Plastic strips hang down as an overall screen between this area and the balcony that overlooks the Market area.
Below: here's Lex emerging from the Service Area, and about to walk down the ramp to the Pharmacy to see Tai-San.
  These are some of the scenes that take place in the Service Area.
The Cage Jack, Ebony, Glen, Danni, Luke, Salene, Tally, The Guardian, May and Mega have all spent time in the Cage
Water Filter Jack and Dal instal a gravel and sand filtration system
Lex Workout Lex keeps himself in training with a punchbag
Tai-San practices her dance routine in preparation for the competition at the Tribal Gathering
Bray & Trudy
Sharing their private joke when Lex hunts down Cloe's calf
Poker game Ryan, Paul & Patsy play poker
Jack's Food
Only Paul and Patsy know Jack's secret - until Ryan follows Patsy
Lex's Water
A metal locker. KC takes some of the bottles from here to put in Bray's room, in order to frame him and get him kicked out of the Tribe. KC eventually 'fessed up, but only because Jack was about to reveal the truth.
Ryan also kept his money stash here. He discovered it was worthless at the Tribal Gathering
Ebony hides Bob barred Ebony's escape to the Sewers after she followed Bray in. She hid in the Service Area and was tracked down by Bray & Lex with help from Bob