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Mar.3 .10: The Fan pages section started out just as fan fiction. I had no way of telling that it would end up with so many more sections. Then a few people sent in poems. It made sense to put them in the same folder as fanfics. But then came Art, and Banners and Signatures. And I just kepts adding new folders inside the fanfic folder. As more sections were added, navigation became a problem. So I piggy-backed Signatures onto Avatars, and then did the same with Blue_Eagle_3's SETS. Then Chapter Images and book marks - all shoe-horned into the Avatars Menu. For me, finding my way around the files was not easy. And for the visitor to the site, navigation must have seemed illogical. And then came Posters and Headers. There was just no way I could find a way to include them. Thus I had to redesign the navigation page, and reorganizing all the files became almost a necessity. So I now have an all-encompassing folder called fanPages. Inside that is a folder for each section. It's the obvious way to do it of course - Ah, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Nov.21 .10: I have rebuilt the entire Wallpapers section, and have used this as an opportunity to move all the files to the Lonex server. This is good for me, as everything will now be on one server, and good because popup blockers should be more tolerant. I haven't finished yet, so until the transfer is done the wallpapers won't work.

May.11 .09: I have allowed the mirror site "tribaldigest2" to fall by the wayside. It was originally set up to cope with the bandwidth demand. Traffic was equally split 50:50 between the main site and the mirror. Since then traffic has greatly reduced (The Tribe was aired back in 2003 after all!) and bandwidth allowance has increased. It is therefore no longer needed. Visitors to Tribal Digest will notice no difference, and were probably unaware there even was a mirror site.

Sep.6 .06: I'm making a new section (for now called simply "Mall"). It's a layout plan for the Mall itself with pictures. The intention is to have a collection of pics for each room, though for now I have only done the Mall and Jack's workshop. Eventually I hope to add a few character pages,e.g. Lex, and what room he lived in and when.

May.3 .06: In addition to splitting some of the larger wallpaper pages, I have now added a 'purple' option so you can browse all wallpapers made by the same person. As promised I have added a load more wallpapers by Swedish Girl. I should have done this ages ago, but other things got in the way. This week I received another email to say that the wallpapers didn't 'pop up' to the full-size version. We solved the problem: it was caused by her pop-up blocker. So if the wallpaper pages don't work for you, try altering your pop-up blocker settings.

Apr.27 .06: I have sub-divided some of the larger wallpaper pages into smaller pages. This is to keep download times down. 'Misky' has kindly allowed me to put her wallpapers (and some banners) on Tribal Digest. These will appear soon, together with more by 'Swedish Girl'.

Apr.23 .06: I've added another section to the Site that I have called "Altered Images". It's a collection of 'screencaps' of various members of the cast from shows other than The Tribe.

Jan.15 .06: I have updated my Links page, I'd been meaning to do it for ages. This entailed testing every single one to see if the site was still active. As a result, only about 25% of them are left.

Sep.22 .05: The new "sister" website devoted to The New Tomorrow is now up and running. Click on the button in the side menu to go there. The URL is It will follow the same format as Tribal Digest. Not all the pages work yet, and you'll have to wait until after October 2 for the first Episode Guide. Kate has already made some wallpapers featuring the new characters and Tribes.

One of Erin's Avatars
Jul.23 .05: With Channel Five airing a heavily edited version of Tribe 5 on Saturday mornings I've added a section that reveals which scenes have been cut. Just click on the "Five Cuts" button.
In the Fanfics, Art, Poetry etc section, Erin has sent in some really colorful 100-pixel Avatars. I've put these with Mandy's "buddy" icons. As with all things in this section, feel free to send in your creations. Plus there's the usual regular updates and additions to the other sections, including Wallpapers, Fanfics, Poetry. Click on "What's New?" at the top.

Jun.18 .05: A New Tomorrow is only 4 months away. I've added a New Tomorrow page to Tribal Digest and a new website New Tomorrow Digest at Once the show gets going it will have a similar format to Tribal Digest.

Apr.28 .05: I got an email reply from the registrar of the domain name affecting wallpapers and movieclips today. The bottom line is that haven't renewed the registration on my behalf. They aren't answering my emails and they don't answer the telephone. My advice is DON'T get a hosting account with But here's the good news! There's more than one way in. So I've made the necessary changes and Wallpapers and movieclips are back on line.

Apr.27 .05: If you've tried to find the wallpaper section or view movie clips, you'll have got an error message instead. Globat informed me this was because I didn't renew my domain registration on time. Well excuse me,, but it was they who renewed it for me (on an anual basis from my credit card details already on file) and it was entirely their fault they did it late. I wouldn't recommend to anybody. Because they didn't renew it on time with the registrar, Wallpapers and movieclips will probably be down for upto a week. Sorry, but it's not my fault at all.

Mar.06 .05: The Disk allocation on one of the servers used to host parts of Tribal Digest has been increased to 5 GB. That's a lot of File space!

Feb.07 .05: I've added a new section (or subsection if you prefer) within the Fanfics, Art & Poetry page. We now have AIM Buddy Icons. These were sent in by Morning Glory. But as with everything else on this page, Tribal Digest invites contributions from all Tribe Fans.

Jan.11 .05: After a month of not updating Tribal Digest (I've been doing stuff with chipboard and power tools), I'm back on the job - editing the website. The wallpaper section was on the brink of exceeding Pipex's 50M disk space allocation, so I'm about to move it to one of my other servers. Apologies to all the people who have sent in fan contributions in the last month. I hope to catch up with it all fairly soon.

Oct.09 .04: Happy News. My dead iMac .....LIVES!     It seems that one of the 256M RAM modules had gone down. They replaced it free of charge. I'm now trying to merge what I did on the other iMac with this one.

Oct.07 .04: Sad News. The iMac I use for creating all the pages in T.D. has gone down and may take a few weeks to get fixed. At least I hope it can be fixed. I'm now using my second iMac which I normally use just to check finished pages.
I now have my new eMac up and running. Its main job will be creating movieclips. It is 5 times faster at this than the iMac was.

Aug.07 .04: Sorry everyone that the site has been down for a couple of days. I forgot to renew the Domain Name Registration. Doh!!!!

Jul.09 .04: At last, the Season 3 Epi. Guides are done. I've started to redo some of the pictures in Season 1. I've added another page called "Market". It has links to stores for those who want to dress tribal! I want to thank Hazel who did all the work getting the list together, and also the members of the bb Tribestyle Forum who came up with lots of information.

May.29 .04: Yesterday, Tribal Digest was again shut down because the monthly allowed bandwidth was exceeded. I have now set up a mirror site for the Episode Guide. Hopefully, this traffic will now be shared 50-50% between the new site and the original one. If any of the links or pictures don't work as expected please let me know.

May.18-19.04: My main Lonex server appeared to be down - returning a server error. This was caused by steps at Lonex to improve server security conflicting with an access permissions file.

May.08.04: I've just noticed that the server with the Wallpapers on no longer responds. It's as if it has ceased to exist. I can't access it via FTP either. I've sent an email to Pipex support asking what's going on. Next day: It's working again! (Weird!)

Apr.18.04: Account temporarily suspended by Lonex because bandwidth allocation exceeded. I've moved the Movieclips to another server.

Mar.22.04: Account temporarily suspended by Lonex because bandwidth allocation exceeded. I've moved the Wallpapers to another server.

Feb.2.04: Created Wallpaper section. A wallpaper from Kate was its first contribution. Thanks Kate! Soon came contributions from Anja, Aukje, Becca, Christine, Ivana, Lisette, Natasha, Tribalfairy (In alphabetical order). Thank you to everyone.

Feb.1.04: The Tribal Digest Fan Poetry section got underway with its first poem by Britney. Thanks Britney! Many more poems have come in since then. Thanks to all you Poets (and Poetesses) out there.

Aug.30.03: After some problems with my computer's DVD drive, (the first one stopped working, and its replacement had difficulty reading the DVD+RW disks I use to record The Tribe), I installed a Philips internal DVD+RW rewriter. So far, this has behaved well.
I have learnt how to make Quicktime movies, so Season 5, Ep. 24 Epi. Guide got 10 of them added. I have received good reports (that they work!).
I at last found time to add an Art section as a sister page to the Fan Fiction page.

Aug.10.03: Switched from Angelfire to another provider. The change is transparent, so that a visitor to the old Angelfire URL will not even notice the difference. The switch was done using a <base> tag in the index file. This should double the available bandwidth, and gives me 600M of disk space.

July.6.03: Took steps to wage war on unscrupulous website makers who have a penchant for stealing other people's pictures, for use in their own web pages. This was the sole reason for starting to put the "T.D." logo in the bottom right corner of all my pictures. I also increased the bandwidth available from Angelfire, but an extra $5 a month only increased it by 10%. It's now at 5.5G a month. Will investigate what else I can do.

June.8.03: Introduced a Fanfics page, which will hopefully be extended to include poetry and art. Any and all contributions are welcome.

May.17.03: I've finished re-doing the Episode Guides for Season 4, and am managing to squeeze in a bit of Season 3. Do date, I have done the first and last.

Mar.22.03: Now that Season 5 is with us, putting up the Episode Guide for each episode as soon as possible is now top priority. Many people have asked if / when I intend to do Season 3. This will happen, but in all honesty, I don't think I will be able to start before the end of Season 5. We'll see. As regards re-doing Season 4, I've done just over half of them.
Feb.8 03: Finished re-doing the Season 1 Episode guides. Started re-doing Season 4 - mostly fixing html anomalies. I really wanted to get on with Season 3 but that will have to wait until I have free time; and in less than a month's time....

I'm getting ready for Season 5, and am very excited about it. For Season 4 I bought a Super-VHS recorder. For Season 5, I have a Philips DVD recorder. So the pictures I get should be fairly good.