These Wallpapers have been sent in by Fans with more artistic talent than the Webmaster of Tribal Digest (Not difficult). If you have made Wallpapers that you would like to share then please send them to (as an attachment). How big? At one time 800x600 was probably the size of an average home PC monitor. Most wallpapers here are that size. But with modern LCD screens. 1024*768 might be more common. Or bigger. And then there's widescreen. So don't feel tied to the 800*600 format of yesteryear.

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Note: Some pop-up blockers may prevent this
For PC users, right-click on the larger image you like and from the pop-down menu select "Save Link to Disk".

For Macintosh users, click and hold down on the larger image until a menu pops up and then select "Save this link as...".

Once the image is on your hard drive, use the Control Panel to set your Wallpaper or Desktop Picture to the image you downloaded. Most images are 800x600 pixels JPG. Those which are 1024x768 or other sizes should be identified as such.
Tribal Digest would like to thank the following Fans who have contributed wallpapers. They are in Alphabetical order (in case you ask)
  Anroshina: v234/Cra-Z/The%20Tribe%20Graphics/
  Amara Anja Ann-Mari Aukje
  Bambi Becca Christine  
  Lisette Liz Mareike
  Marie Natasha Seena
  Swedish Girl:
  TribalFlame Zoot18